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In addition to learning about and participating in the responsibilities of being a weather observer on Mount Washington, Observatory interns also perform original research about the weather and climate of the White Mountains. Leading their own scientific inquiries in observational and theoretical-based projects, interns develop critical thinking, data analysis, and computer programming skills. They perform standard shift weeks with the crew, and culminate their internship term with research presentations about their scientific discoveries. To learn more about the Observatory intern program, please visit our employment page.

photo Arielle Ahrens, Summit Intern

Arielle was born and raised in central New Jersey. She has been fascinated by weather for as long as she can remember. Her desire to experience all types of weather took her to Oklahoma where she graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor's degree in meteorology with a minor in mathematics in May 2014.

During her time at college, Arielle learned about Mount Washington and the extreme weather that is observed at the Observatory. She is very excited to be interning here and is hopeful that she will gain a greater knowledge of the atmosphere while experiencing extreme weather.

photo Brett Rossio, Summit Intern

Brett was born and raised in Michigan where his passion for Meteorology grew in a place already known for erratic weather. Coming from a family driven by science, his parents raised him and his siblings to always question their surroundings and use their imagination to think critically. As a child, he witnessed his first hailstorm and wanted to know how it formed and why it could grow to enormous sizes. His enthusiasm and interest in Meteorology grew from there. Brett recently graduated in Spring 2014 from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor's degree in meteorology and a minor in mathematics.

Brett's interests in Meteorology include all varieties of severe weather. As a teenager, he witnessed first-hand what it can do to families after a tornado swept through a small town close to where he lives. This further motivated his drive for obtaining a greater understanding of the field.

Growing up in the backyard of the Motor City, a common place to find Brett would be underneath a car. His hobbies include classic cars and working on projects with his friends. He has a passion for the mountains and loves long-distance running, biking, cross-country skiing, and hiking. His motto is, "It's crucial in life to have a life-long passion and a waste to only have one."

As a new intern at Mount Washington, Brett is excited to hone his skills in forecasting and learn as much he can from the seasoned observers. He hopes to conduct research of his own and gain a greater knowledge of the instrumentation used on the summit.

photo Caleb Meute, Summit Intern

Caleb was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he eventually moved across the state to the Philadelphia area. He has been fascinated by weather since he was a child as he even remembers drawing enormous pictures of tornadoes and hanging them up in all of his classrooms. This passion for weather developed as he progressed through school and he eventually earned his B.S. in meteorology from Millersville University, which is located in Millersville, Pennsylvania.

His focus in college was geared towards broadcast meteorology but as he progressed through courses, he found himself conflicted between forecasting and broadcasting. He also has a passion for severe weather and has goals of eventually becoming a storm chaser out West.

Having grown up in Pennsylvania, he found himself often being disappointed by the storm systems that rolled through. This fueled a desire to go somewhere where the storms would not be a disappointment but instead, the very opposite. Hopefully the Home of the World's Worst Weather will satisfy this severe weather craving.

Having been accepted for this internship, he is very excited to spend his summer working at the summit Observatory. Caleb hopes this experience will improve his forecasting and broadcasting skills and help him break into this exciting field.

photo Ethan Wright, Summit Intern

Ethan grew up in the rural town of Balls Creek, North Carolina and it was there that his interest in meteorology was first peaked. Spending time on his front porch watching summertime thunderstorms roll by gave him direction in where he wanted to go in life and what he wanted to study.

After high school, Ethan's passion for weather led him to the decision of joining the Navy as an Aerographer's Mate. While serving in Hawaii at the Naval Maritime Forecast Center and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, Ethan learned the great impact that weather has on society and how fulfilling a career in meteorology would become. Ethan is currently a sophomore studying atmospheric science at the University of North Carolina in Asheville.

In his free time, Ethan loves to go hiking and mountain biking and he enjoys spending time with his black lab, Brutis. He looks forward to the Mount Washington experience and hopes to explore the northern portion of the Appalachian mountains while in New Hampshire.

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