Wind Mapper Activity

Here's a way you can observe the wind in your yard,
playground, neighborhood, or park.

The wind flows around every tree, building, person, and thing. It flows every where. It goes up and down, sideways - it spins and twirls. You can look for the places it goes the fastest, and the places where the air flow is squeezed.


  • soap
  • warm water
  • twisty ties from a bread bag
  • pencil
  • wind
  • a yard, playground, neighborhood, or park.



1. Print out the blank mapper

2. On the Wind Mapper, mark all the things in your yard that stay put (don't mark where the cat is) like the house, trees, fence, swing-set, driveway, things like that.

3. Make a small hoop with a handle out of the twisty ties, dip it in some soapy water to make bubbles. (Or you can get a special bubble kit at the store.) The bubbles will follow the wind, and you can follow the bubbles around your yard.

4. Release a bunch o' bubbles. Mark on the map where you release them. Watch the bunch o' bubbles for 5 seconds. Mark on the map where the bubbles are after 5 seconds. Now draw a line that shows the path.

5. You can do this as much as you want until the map is full.

Think about what you can see.

Where are the longest lines (the fastest bunch o' bubbles)?
What are they near?
What's the wind direction?
Which way are the clouds moving?

Here is an example of completed Wind Mapper

Sample of Wind Map

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