View Full Version : Presidential Biathlon

06-25-2007, 12:40 PM
Well, I figure I have been a lurker at this forum long enough, I might as well join.

2 friends and I will be attempting what we have dubbed the "Presidential Biathlon" Saturday weather permitting. We will start with a bike ride from Crawford Path parking lot at 2:30am 30 miles to Appalachia (Routes 302-15-2), then attempt a one day Presidential Traverse. We tried it last year on the day of the Seek the Peak, but went down after summitting Jefferson and narrowly averted the downpours.

Because of the length of the trip we try to travel light and fast so we may not do it this weekend if there are going to be windchills in the 30s (seems odd to say with a heat wave coming). Any and all tips, suggestions and comments are welcome.