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07-19-2007, 08:06 PM

PITTSBURG, NH -- A Portland, Maine man and hiking enthusiasts from the Lac Megantic region of Quebec are working with The Cohos Trail Association (TCTA) at Pittsburg, NH to coordinate a fundraising event to support The Cohos Trail and the Sentiers Frontaliers trail system of eastern Quebec.

The participants want to shed light on the potential for the linking and future development of an international hiking trail system complete with new trails, existing trails and trail structures.

Carey Kish, a freelance writer and camping and hiking columnist with the Portland Press Herald and the Maine Sunday Telegram, recently indicated he was interested in hiking the 162-mile Cohos Trail from Crawford Notch to
the Canadian border. He proposed that the hike be billed as a fundraising event to help TCTA raise money to support the development of new trails in the Upper Connecticut River Valley towns of Stewartstown, Clarksville and Pittsburg. TCTA President Peter Castine thought the idea was an excellent one and began promoting the concept both in the region and
in Canada.

The Sentiers Frontaliers hiking club of Quebec responded by
saying they would put several hikers on trails and along the boundary clearings from Coburn Gore, Maine to the international border monuments on the height of land between Chartierville, Quebec and Pittsburg, NH.

TCTA is asking anyone interested in supporting the international event to raise money for local hiking trails and the linking of the two trail systems to donate anywhere from five cents a mile to a dollar a mile. Mr. Kish hopes to complete the 162-mile trek on Friday, August 10th at mid-day, where he plans to meet the Quebec hikers. He will exchange an
American flag with the Canadian's and receive a Canadian flag in return.

TCTA is planning to have refreshments and snacks available at the border for any and all who wish to attend the event.

If you are interested, please contact Peter and Lainie Castine at Pittsburg, NH at 603-538-6777 or email them at prospmw@localnet.com Please let them know if you wish to sponsor mileage on the trek and if you would like to attend the celebration at the border, so they may have enough refreshments on hand for everyone.

07-27-2007, 12:07 PM
Here's a Cohos Trail post from outdoor writer Carey Kish that appeared in
the Portland Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram recently, regarding an
international hiking event that features the C.T. and the Sentiers frontaliers
hiking system in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.

Have a look please.