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07-28-2007, 09:31 PM
tell all
the hike
what trail
the dinner
the people
did you have fun
and will you do it next year

Bill O
07-29-2007, 07:14 AM
I'll be back next year for sure. I hiked Tucks. I have some new findings regarding Tucks and ledges which I'll go into more detail later. We met some great people, a nice man from Berlin (NH that is) who's been doing it for a few years. And of course many of the people on the forum.

The weather forecast was a little tricky so it made the hike slightly more stressful than I would have liked. Mike M, if you're out there we trust you made it down okay. Looked all over the summit for you.

The money raised for MWO was great. I think the most impressive thing to me was all the people who climbed Mount Washington for the first time. That was nice to see. Great accomplishment for them, and hopefully they'll become more attached to the mountain.

07-29-2007, 09:22 AM
Up - Lions Head
Down - Tuckermans
Weather - nice going up - 19mph breeze on top of Lions Head - clouds came in as we approached the summit - light rain as we came down the headwall which made the rocks very slippery.
Dinner - EXCELLENT - Hart's did a great job

Met lots of Forum folk and MWO staff for the first time. The people all over the mountain were friendly and having a good time. The approaching weather made getting down important.

An excellent day for a worthwhile cause.

Yes, I will be back next year.

07-29-2007, 10:30 AM
sounds good I'm looking forward to going in 08

07-29-2007, 10:35 AM
I will have better glasses next year. These did not focus well looking down.

07-29-2007, 07:58 PM
were planning on doing it again....we had a great time!....although a long time ago....ive hiked through the whites and seen the beautfiul views....to be there with my son and see it through his (a first timers) eyes was wonderful....we made the summit as the fog was rolling in and ed was a little uncomfortable about climbing back down so we hopped in a van and rode back....we spent some time with Brad and that was fun....Brad the kids really enjoyed hiking and talking with you!....thank you for spending time with us....people were friendly and more than willing to help....it was a great time....we didnt make the after pary but it is something we will definitely make next year....

07-30-2007, 09:55 AM
the hike: Awesome, my first time.
what trail: Ammonosuc up, but we drove down
the dinner: Almost ate myself sick
the people: Great, Rex, Baxter, Kevin, Erich All Great
did you have fun: It was one experience after another
and will you do it next year: We are already looking to plan a week long trip with friends

07-30-2007, 02:20 PM
the hike: this was my first hike up Mt Washington and even to any summit. The mountain was impressive, scenery was breathtaking, trails were challenging, and people were the friendliest!

the trail: based on advice from Rex we decided to go up Tucks and Lions head in the morning, and then Tucks all the way down in the afternoon. His advice being that on the way up you get to look down into the ravine, watch the other hikers and enjoy the view, then on the way down you really get to appreciate Lions Head from another angle after having climbed it. Took a break at the hojos and refilled water bladders at the pumping station. (I had seriously considered taking two large bottles back up on Sunday to fill and bring home, the water was that good!)

the dinner: what a spread! knowing what was on the menu was my motivation on the way down and I think I might have even been spotted hustling a little faster just thinking about it. Hart's couldn't have delivered a better meal! If its the exact same menu next year I'll do the hike just for the meal!

the people: this forum was a great intro and ice breaker to meet some new people. Rex and his son Baxter joined us at our camp site (which was my way to pry him for trail advice!) and we hike part way up with them. And big props to Baxter for conquering Huntington! Hopefully Rex will post the video of his B climbing the slabs. Brian (DoNotGoGentle) and his group were great to meet and hang around the campfire with. (You gonna share the story of what happened at the summit? Maybe the actual ceremony will be StP 08?!) We hiked many stretches, passed and got passed by Tim & Val and really enjoyed their company at dinner. Got to meet Brad snapping away with his camera at Lions Head. Sorry if I forgot anyone else.

did you have fun: between the people, the mountain, the dinner and everything else this one of the best events I have done. The level of organization gave the impression of a professionally run event. And the goodie bags... WOW! Seemed the items would never end as we inspected it over a Tuckermans beer. Many thanks to the sponsors for their huge generosity... although my bag seemed to be missing the keys to a new Subaru for some reason. :)

will you do it again: absolutely! I'm all ready to start working on bringing in the checks for 08 sponsors!

07-30-2007, 02:32 PM
Thanks Erich it was great meeting you guys too. As far as the summit story hiking with me were my friends Ken and Samantha (botfriend/girlfriend) when they arrived at the summit Ken dropped to his knee and proposed. Awwww. so sweet. Oh yeah she said yes. As far as the ceremony at STP8 I doubt it. He's not one of those do it again and again people so he'll probably do a different hike next year. He really wants to get back out west. As far as me...

We are already looking into planning my parents 40th anniversary as a week long trip to the area, of course i'll be hiking that week. Then I'm trying to get a group together for STP8 already. Hope to see you guy there. By the way my cousin jess liked the beer so much she brought one of the empties home to see if the local beverage guy can get it for her.

07-30-2007, 03:15 PM
the hike: this was Tim's 4th time to the summit and Val's 2nd, but our first for Seek-the-Peak. It was breath-taking as always.

the trail: up via Lion's Head / down via Tuck's. Trail conditions were excellent on the ascent, but a little wet and slippery on the descent through Tuck's due to the drizzle.

the dinner: fantastic! Exactly what hungry hikers need. We came home and wrote Hart's a thank you note - told them we were all members of the clean-plate club that night.

the people: what a great group of new friends! We met up with BlueDog and Graham just after turning onto Lion's Head trail. We chatted with them (as BlueDog said in his post) on and off all day and at dinner. Most of the way up Lion's Head, we met Chewy, Rudabaga and Brad. Brad, thanks for the great pictures! We *never* get to be in pictures together, and I think we were in 6 or 7 of yours!! We started walking with Rudabaga as we headed into the Alpine Garden and spent the rest of the day with her. She was great company and didn't mind that we're slow on the wet rocks. Tim chatted with DoNotGoGentle at Moose Brook. I think they recognized each other as "Seek-the-Peak"-ers by their new flip flops!

did you have fun: TONS of fun. So grateful that the weather held out. Really enjoyed the tour of the observatory, despite looking at that radar screen and wondering how we were going to get down off the summit! We're still digging through the goodie bags. The sponsors were all very generous!

will you do it again: it's on the calendar!

Tim and Valerie Charboneau
Ashland, NH

07-30-2007, 06:01 PM
up lions head , tucks to summit, down crawford to to camel to davis to bootspur and back to tucks. 5th time to summit 1st time on trails other than tucks. views from lions head were fantastic despite weather forcasts.:cool: met some great people along the way , food was awsome ,even won an AMC membership which I've already sent in for . all in all a super time ,look foward to seeing everyone next year.

rockin rex
07-30-2007, 09:52 PM
Thanks Blue Dog for the stealth site. It was GREAT camping with you guys.
Thanks K.D. for the liquid refreshment at the turkey dinner. Thanks Scott for running such a top notch event!!!!!!!!!!! The tour at the top was incredible.
My son will never forget being the highest person in N.H. He also couldn't believe all the work the observatory does. The observatory gave him a chance to experience something he will NEVER ever forget. We hiked up huntington Ravine ( Blue Dog saw the proof : ) and headed down Tucks.
The dinner was incredible. Baxter ( my son ) said it was the best turkey he ever had. It was nice getting to meet everyone. Bill 0 you and I will have to run Tucks together when my knee gets better. Maybe we can beat that 1 hour and 20 minutes. Also Bill enjoy your new bikes. Great job on all you raised. Believe it or not Baxter and I decided on Sun. to hike up to Crag Camp and see if they had room in the inn. They did and we stayed there Sun. night. This gave us a chance on Sun to summit Adams and visit Madison Hut before heading back to Crag. This was a weekend my son and I will remember for ever!!! We will definetly be back next year for S.T.P. When Baxter wakes up from his long sleep we will post the pictures. WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

07-30-2007, 11:43 PM
What an event.

It is so immensely fulfilling to see so many people having such a great time together. It's even better to read about it after the fact! This year's event was the biggest ever, and (believe it or not) pledges are still coming in. We're now up over $61,000!

Since I have two little guys at home, my hiking has been "minimal" over the last few years. However, after running the event for the first three years and helping out on a few, I've been able to actually DO Seek the Peak for the last three years-- each time introducing new people to the mountain and the Observatory.

This year, I had the pleasure of hiking with great friends from college out west. They have recently relocated to Bangor, and I was so excited to spend a day on the Rockpile with them. I can't lie-- I'm sore as hell! But it was so worth it. And as he said at the awards party, my Salt Lake born-and-raised friend admitted that NH does indeed have mountains.

I had a blast meeting some of the people from the forums and I really enjoyed putting faces to the (user)names. Brad, Bill, Rich, Rex-- it was great meeting you and everyone else. Congrats Ken on the engagement!

I can't thank all of you enough for your generosity, your passion and your support for the organization that I am so very fortunate to be associated with.

I'm working on a Fotki page of my own, but I'm very much a newbie-- hopefully our photos (thanks, Jeremy) will eventually end up in Brad's public album!

Take care and I'll see you again next year (hopefully sooner!)...

MWO Exec. Dir.

07-31-2007, 07:28 AM
I went up the Lions Head and came down Tucks and I have to say it was an incredible day! Even though I came alone to this event, I do not think there was any time that I felt really alone. I met some great guys at the beginning of my ascent and met up with Tim and Val for the rest of the day. For the weather forecasts being so gray I do not think we could have had better weather. The views from Lions head were stunning. The dinner, the goodie bags, everything was great and I can't wait to come back and do it all again next year!