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08-20-2007, 05:16 PM
Two disclaimers before viewing the report. 1-I am not a photographer, these are taken so remembering isn't that hard. 2-Though a trail working volunteer,we are not members of any group or club. I do not hold to any policy. I belong to NH.
Sunday morning was spent hiking Mt. Moriah.Jake the Forester and I present. Ascent was 2.5 hours. Fine views in all directions, though presi's in clouds. Moriah is unique, Carter-Moriah Trails allows you to witness highly visible transfers of vegetation zones. Most noticeable is one directly after Mt. Surprise box canyon, where one goes from a more alpine zone directly into deciduous forest. Blueberries aboud on ledges. Cleared 2 blowdowns, one of which had fallen into a waterbar. Many waterbars at lower levels looked uniform and recently cleaned. Found out a rookie skills session was conducted here in late July. Saw 1 saw-whet owl, and believe it or not, 2 Great Gray owls. Also jumped a bear grazing in the raspberries.
Monday saw a quick hike to Peboamauk Falls. Moose tracks but no moose. Route directly down to Falls after Marked Birch seems hard to find, but travel to right, and from MB it is less than 10 minutes. Descent requires careful footing but is short. Water a bit cooler than Emerald Pool. Ledges hemming in Falls quite impressive.
Wednesday up 19 Mile Brook Trail to Carter Hut.Fisher Cat, B&D(Bound & Determined),Jake the Forester, Ringtail, and le femme magkneefique present. Delivered 6 pack of Corona to Hut crew as is customary. Not quite receptive as Crew at Zealand Falls Hut, but work crew working on new septic installation was appreciative. Lukewarm receptions will not deter us. Hut Crews work hard.Cloudy with temps in low 50's. Thunder heard while ascending Carter Dome.On & off showers. Last good view was Mt. Hight, though limited. Descent of Hight can be tricky. True descent is west of sheltered outlook which looks east to ME.Zeta Pass a beautiful area. Deserves its protection. Bootleg campsites in the area, however. A true boreal rainforest. On North Carter Trail it was revealed by le femme magkneefique that keys for her vehicle were locked inside our Thule back at 19 Mile lot. So Ringtail & I quickly went down to Imp lot and walked rt. 16 to 19 Mile to get our Subaru. (PA plate which reads "FROM NH")Started at 630am,Ringtail and I down by 445, rest at 515.
Thursday was Alpine Skills session with Alex D. from AMC. Rode van up to Alpine Garden & Huntington junction. Spent time deconstructing tourist cairns which are abundant at scenic pulloffs. Inside can be found trash & 5 dollar bills. Spent time with plant ID and found, edible bilberry and cranberry, mat & black spruce, dwarf birch, alpine goldenrod, even Indian poke,Highland rush, bigelow sedge,crinkled hairgrass,Alpine sweetgrass,boreal bentgrass, and low rattlesnake root. Picked up trash, including cans, wrappers ,and one dirty diaper. Rebuilt a cairn with a nice piece of upright quartz hemmed in on Alpine Garden. Jake the Forester built another one while Pam built a scree wall. Weather cool but comfy while working, can't wait to return. While cooling AMC van brakes noticed another tourist cairn jutting out on top of great view of Washington's stratifed layers so we jumped out and knocked it down and dispersed it.
Friday spent trailwork time on our Osseo Trail. Big project was removing big spruce blowdown above the ladders. Made it in 2.5 hours. Jake the Forester was behind us blazing and made it into the switchback areas. Five more birch blowdowns in switchbacks which we also removed. Perfect weathe, temps great. October trip will consist of waterbar cleanout before onset of winter & spring. Walk Osseo sometime and let us know what you think. We don't brush or blaze too aggressively as the right side of the trail is designated wilderness. Saw 2 moose, one in Randolph, the other in Jefferson near our old log cabin.
Thus concluded,regretfully, another week in NH. The next one can't come soon enough.
Links to pics is below.
thanks for looking in!

Steve M
08-20-2007, 06:32 PM
Sounds like a week I would enjoy a lot. Hard work but in the best office in the world. Thanks for sharing and the pics.

08-20-2007, 06:53 PM
Wow! What an aggressive week! Glad you enjoyed yourself - the pictures are wonderful and I love the details about the flora and fauna in your report!

08-20-2007, 07:55 PM
One addendum I would like to make. I got the pleasure of meeting someone from the forums for the first time. Great seeing you KDT, thanks for your help and your visit wiith beer, I'm just sorry we were tied up. In case the note we left blew off your truck, we came down around 11, but you guys were turned in. Nice to see Judy and Emma in the morning! We'll keep you in the loop about October!
Also got to meet Steve Smith at the Mountain Wanderer and was able to stock up with books!

08-20-2007, 08:01 PM
A lot of hard work! I cleared trail every summer as a kid and know how hard it is. For the birch blow downs were you using an axe - or did you carry a chainsaw?

08-20-2007, 09:09 PM
Axes only! Though only one side is Wilderness we made the choice to stick with axes. There's a big yellow birch near the start of Osseo that claimed by sister-in-laws husbands' Snow & Nealy axe. I love Snow & Nealy, great heads but handles are prone to break. I made the switch to Oschenkopf axes out of Germany. Shorter handles, so their good for close quarters and they pack a punch.Nice long edge. But with short handle you have to be careful because an overswing or miss means you won't be burying it in the ground. It will be your ankle instead. Nice and lightweight too.

08-20-2007, 09:39 PM
That is the way we did it when I was on a trail crew - axes. Leaves a nice cut.

As a camper in NH we maintained 50 miles of trail over by Cardigan. Crews went out for the whole week of Trail Week near the end of the summer. A great experience.

KD Talbot
08-20-2007, 09:49 PM
Yeah, too bad we didn't get to spend more time together, but we got to meet, and that's a good thing. Definitely let me know what's up in October, we'll be taking more time off then. Nice shots of Carter Lakes and the Rattlesnake Root. I'm guessing the way the last few days of August have been going we'll have some nice warm weather in October! Ya gotta love Indian Summer!