View Full Version : Calling All Bloggers Blog Action Day

10-16-2007, 02:36 PM
Sorry I'm a day off, but send your ideas anyway
Today is Blog Action Day. 10/15/07
If you have a blog and care about our environment check out http://blogactionday.org/
Write about your environmental concerns and they will put you on there list of blogs.
I'm sure everyone who comes here dose have thoughts on the issue.

During one of my days thinking of following the Grateful Dead for 15 years flashbacks I started this blog http://help-save-the-earth.blogspot.com
It's a list of 101 ways to help save the earth, but after about 6 I had to go back to my regular work on the net.
Finding out about Blog Action Day has put the fire under my butt to start posting again.

If any one wants to give me some ideas post them here or leave a comment on the blog. I will post them when I get the time. Who knows you might get one or two people to use your ideas.
What do you do to conserve energy ?

If we keep the issue alive something might actually get done besides giving the inventor of the Internet the Nobel Peace Prize, Al Gore LLLOL