View Full Version : Mount Ararat/ Mount Washington connection

12-28-2007, 11:00 AM
Nin may very well be a Turkish VAn cat . Turkish van cat are natural breed ,NOT man made . Native to the Lake Van region of Turkey . Lake Van is at the foot of Mount Ararat.Turkish Vans are white with color on the head and tail. "Turkish Vans are not white cats; they are colored cats with very large patches of white. The large patches of white are the dominant color, making the cat appear to be a white cat with color on the head and tail. The piebald gene (also known as the white spotting gene or the piebald white spotting gene) is responsible for the pattern of color, and the Turkish Van standard calls for tail color and colored markings on the head".Only imported to the US since 1982 they are very rare. The piebald gene is resessive an will disappear when they are bred with other cat breeds.Highly prized by the ancient Romans ,the Crusaders and the Turkish people ,they are said to love water. Known as "swimming cats" their coat is quick drying, they swim and catch fish in the streams and rivers running off Mount Ararat. The Turkish van is said to be the oldest domesticated cat.They often become stray as they are very clever w/ doors and latches.
or goolge : turkish vans cat to learn more about this breed.