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01-04-2008, 08:13 PM
This is what a friend of mine posted on another site...enjoy and do not believe! This friend lives near Lake George.

Major problem here since I'm not really a resident of NH so I don't know if I can sneak my vote through. Besides, I really don't care for any of the candidates:


A vote for Sarah is obviously a proxy vote for Hillary, and there's no way I'm getting fooled by a Clinton again. Once bitten, twice shy.

this short-haired feline is no shrinking violet. Vowing, "Change, hope, more change..." Sarah is vocal, never hesitating to hammer home her agenda. While (she) can border on hyper, she's independent...she gets cold easily. This has prompted critics to question whether she can take the sleet (sic). Sarah's unflinching response? "I am woman. Hear me meow."

Clinton has abandoned her campaign strategy that stressed her Washington insider experience and has embraced last night's winning strategy. If it's change that Americans wants, Hillary is quite willing to change. That, coupled with her abrasive and arrogant personality and her new slogan "Four more years" have got me looking the other way.


You can't hide from me, John McCain. Aside from the fact that I'm a registered Democrat, I've lost all respect for you due to your unflinching support of the guy who kicked your ass in the 2000 primaries.

Pledging to, "Leave no mouse behind," the courageous young Wilson instead began to blossom. this former shy-guy is clearly becoming more comfortable commanding center stage. "Leave no mouse behind," he declared during a rousing speech at an ally-cat rally. Well-liked by his peers in the ...community... Wilson plays well with others. his newfound... confidence is undeniable. "Leave no mouse behind," (he) repeated, over bacon and eggs at a local diner. No waffling for Wilson.

Yes, John, we know. You got left behind in Vietnam, and we're all damn sorry, but come on. Prolonging the Iraq war just so you can beat the Vietnam syndrome of abandoning MIAs is no real reason to hang on. We want our troops back over here and our money as well. Get a platform, dude.


Hello, Mr. Edwards, how are you?

Running on the platform: "Free cheeseburgers and fish heads for everyone," Marty knows what it's like to face adversity and emerge stronger. Having survived numerous tragedies that test character, this kid has pulled himself up by the bootstraps... bravely forging ahead. Sweet, lively and cuddly, this people-lover makes the best of whatever life throws at him, setting a fine example. He has been known to occasionally flip flop, but he's got the looks voters want in a candidate. A uniter and not a divider, this hard-luck kid is a steadfast optimist.

John, you've got a great platform, perhaps the most clear and courageous of all the candidates with the exception of Ron Paul, but there's just something about that 500 watt smile that makes me feel like you really want to win this case. And I lost a lot of respect for you when went after Cheney's gay daughter in the 2000 debates. Low, very low...almost Republican low. Besides, I think you're just too goddamn pretty to lead a major superpower. After eight years of Alfred E. Neuman at the helm (well, in the public eye anyway) we need someone that looks more like Vladimir Putin, who can make a man sweat icicles with one look.

So instead of endorsing any of the above candidate, I would like to submit a draft for my own cat to run. Of course, Lucy has expressed absolutely no desire to run for public office, but she does like to run. Upstairs, then back down, then into the basement and then up to the attic. She has the type of boundless energy that is infectious to be around coupled with an aloofness that let's you know she and she alone is in command. She is quite young and would certainly galvanize the youth of America into action. On top of that she is one of the first cats I've seen to try to bring about an atmosphere of change. Change my litter box, change my food to canned, change my kitty bed...she's all about change. Last of all, I think we need to elect a leader like Lucy to set an example of tolerance to the world. She would be the first female (and soon to come out of the closet as asexual) and the first candidate of color to run for President, and I think that alone might make her the most electable candidate in the race. The only problem is that some who should be ardently supporting her are convinced that she's not black enough:

Now take it for what its worth: Cats are better than people!

Mike D
01-04-2008, 09:40 PM
A minority woman with no ambition for elective office who covers a lot of ground? Hmm, sounds like Condi Rice; official dinners, state funerals, diplomatic missions, etc.

BTW, I believe your friend was mistaken about Edwards in 2000. I think it was Kerry in '04.

If anybody's wondering about Nin, I'd say he's a Fred Thompson type character. Laid back--almost sloth-like--in appearance. But deep down he's sharp as nails and a born calculator. We'll see whose retirement sticks. :)