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Nutmeg Weatherman
10-18-2006, 03:54 PM
1. With the high winds the summit gets, I would assume that the snow doesn't gather on the deck to the point it has to be shoveled off. Since I see wind speeds in excess of 100 MPH after it stops snowing does it just blow itself off the deck area?? I mean, if you waited 12 hours after it stops how much shoveling is neccessary?

2. What is the greatest amount of snow fall recorded for one storm...and how long did it snow for?

3. Do you guys ever get just a gentle snow fall (no wind) or is it usually accompanied by strong winds??

10-18-2006, 04:57 PM
I got #1, and a vague on #2. I'll need more help.

For 1, Doors of the summit building are built in the sheltered areas of the building, to allow for them to be used as entrances and exits even in the most absurd of wind. Unforutnatetly, in these calm summit respits, the snow also settles, and therefore the continuous shoveling. Blowing snow usually continues for hours / days after a storm ends depending on how much directional shift there is, and the staff usually shovels the same snow more than a few times. I was out there once where I threw snow, and it circled back and settled in the spot my shovel had just cleared...actually, that happens alot...

For #2: I believe the total was 96 inches back in February of 1969, in a 3 and a half day storm, I'd check into Paul Kosin's book for more info on that...

10-18-2006, 09:13 PM
Yes, snow piles on the deck. I have shovelled tons of it off the deck. You are right, it mostly blows off, but it does drift around the main tower door and it needs to be shovelled.

It just takes the right conditions to accumulate. Heavy wet snow sticks to the deck. Often there is riming and the snow will fill in the gaps in the rime, then it rimes again and more snow fills in the gaps. Or, there is no wind and the snow piles up on the deck, only to be covered with rime or with wet snow/rain.

I have seen gently snow on the summit many times. Its great, like walking outside in town during a snowstorm. These conditions typically don't last long.