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01-15-2008, 09:10 PM
I would have put this in the Whites Hike part, but it is not in the whites!
so I put it here :D

Well last weekend my best friend and I hiked Mansfield over here in VT for an overnight trip. We started our morning on Sat the 12th with a late wake up around 9am, ate a nice breakfast consisting of apple pancakes and OJ. I didn’t know that my best friend was such a good cook until that day! Then we went out to pick up our food for the two days, came home and packed. When we hit the trail it was 1300, and we where booking it up the hill at a good pace. We had our snow shoes and crampons but there was no need for either. My buddy had his poles out and when it got steeper I had my mountaineering ax out. We got to the Hut on the long trail by 1600. We un packed our bags and mats, had our first serving of Thai Kitchen Pad Thai and one box of parmesan cuscus. While that was cooking we split two Luna bars, China Tea and Another one I can’t remember. We also had one cup of coco as well. After that we got up to watch the sun set and sat around goofing off like we always do. At 28 and 26, we both still act like we did in high school, but only around each other. After that we found a deck of cards, and did not use them, we looked around the hut, found all the interesting messages left from other people and discussed how we understood why people did that, leave messages, but how we don’t like it, and don’t do it. And if we did, we would put it only where each other would know to look. We boiled some more snow, made out second serving of Pad Thai, and boiled two bottles of water for each sleeping bag. Two nalgines of hot water are good for about 5 hours in your bag. We where in our bags by 2000 and chatted a bit, talked about life, and all that fun stuff. We did not get much sleep; I tossed and turned all night, but surprisingly stayed on my matt! We where up and out of our bags by 0500, cooked some bfast and got ready. Everything was packed and ready to go by 630, we watched the sun rise and where on the trail by 0730. We hit the summit by 0800/0815 and started down. We went up the profanity trail and down the long trail. Our crampons where on by the time we where out of the hut till the bottom of the mountain. We also used our axes a bit going to the summit, we practiced a couple self arrest drills coming down in a safe place, and then we had one close call. My friend did slip and caught him self with his ax. That was the second time in his life that he actually had to use his ax for a real self arrest! Other than that, it was a quick decent, down to the car by 0930, we almost ran the whole way down.
The trip was a really good time, it was a birthday present to my friend, and I drove, played for a lot of stuff. It was his idea, and I could not refuse. My birthday we are going to Acadia over in Maine for a 3 day overnighter. We did not get too cold or cold at all. We came prepared, knew what we where getting into and knew the risks. But it is nice to hike with someone you can trust.
This coming weekend, if we like the weather, Mount Lyfiat is next!

If you would like pictures, they are on my face book
Bryan Galante, The one in VT
Cheers see you on the Summit!

Bill O
01-15-2008, 09:16 PM
Thanks for posting. I know its not the White Mountains but I moved this over to White Mountain Hikes. Its a big mountain, and it was probably white when you climbed it so....

01-15-2008, 09:25 PM
hay thanks bill, I was looking for it just a second ago and the I said "oh no, I did put it in the Whites Hike part.... Ahhhh crap," then I saw what you wrote.:p Yeah it was white... and nice:D