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03-21-2008, 05:43 PM
Hi Guys, To everyone who had any input to a previous thread I posted asking for input on climbing Mt. Washington a big THANKS! My climbing partner and I arrived at MW on 3/18/08 and had a chance to take a look around. Everyone we met was friendly and quick to answer questions we had. Everything was just as it was described and I felt real comfortable as we considered our climb options. We decided to have a go at it the next day, 3/19/09, even though the weather didn't look too promising--6-8" of snow, winds picking up and visibility going down. I took the advice that was given and set out on the Tuckerman Revine trail and switched over to Lions Head at the shelters. For anyone who thinks they know better than the advice thats given in these forums I would encourage you to swallow your pride and listen up. These guys know what they are talking about. The trail suggested is the best route for this time of year but as was shared, don't go unprepared for everything. There was a section of Lions Head that you just weren't going to even want to try without crampons and ax unless you are a complete fool. It's steep, covered with ice and snow and not to be underestimated even though its a short run. We ran into two young men who had more heart than common sense and after a little talk, they decided to turn around and not take unneccessary risks---they made the right choice. I don't remember who said it in the initial thread but by the time we reached the top of Tuckerman Revine the weather had gotten worse and the encouragement that was shared to not consider not making the summit a failure came ringing back in my head and the decision to turn around at that point was made. I never like to "quit", but looking back on the whole day, it was fantastic! We had a great climb, got to know the mountain a little bit and no one was hurt in the process. I look forward to coming back next year and climbing again, hopefully to the summit. To anyone who may glean these pages for insight and wisdom, its here---and these are some folks worth listening to.
Thanks again to all

03-24-2008, 01:27 PM
Hi Tazzzz -
In a year that has seen several attempts gone bad, it's refreshing to hear about one smart person who will be around to try it again. Bravo! to you for making an intelligent decision when faced with the nagging "want" to continue on.
For too many people, the EFFORT it takes to get prepared, get there, and get a good ways up the mountain, is too much to make them want to turn back, even when common sense tells them they should.
This mountain will still be there, waiting for your return . . . for a very, very long time . . . and my guess is that you will have MANY more opportunities in the years to come due to your common sense!!