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06-12-2008, 10:02 PM
Over on the Everest 2008 thread some of you might have read my little plug for a podcast that I subscribe to called The Rest of Everest (http://www.therestofeverest.com/). If not, its an absolutely great podcast that give you a REAL view of what it takes to climb Everest. I've communicated with him a couple time over the course of the series and picked up one of the shirts he had custom made in Nepal. On a recent hike to train for StP a buddy of mine snapped a pic of me with the shirt on, which I promptly emailed back to Jon (the creator of the series). He replied back the other day and said that he'll be putting the picture in a upcoming episode as well as making a plug for Seek the Peak! Hopefully it will be in the next episode that he releases on Thursdays.