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07-11-2008, 08:05 AM
Don't see a lot of discussion about this great railway on the boards. I understand it's probably not the 'coolest' way to gain the peaks access, it does allow those that can't possible hike the mountain to see the all that goes on.
How many of us has used the Cog to come back down the mountain when the weather kept you from seeing your shoes? I have....it probably kept me from a long cold night in the rain/wind.

Take a moment if you get a chance to visit the Cog. Taking the wife up the mountain on the 15th of July via the Cog. Just hope it's clear that day!


Scott (I'm getting older you know) B

07-11-2008, 01:51 PM
I have used the Cog to get my mother to the summit and she loved the trip. In addition it is fun to have family ride the Cog and meet us at the summit when we hike up.

Steve M
07-12-2008, 08:09 AM
I rode the cog for the first time last summer. It was worth the experience but I prefer the old fashion way to the summit.:)

07-12-2008, 09:45 AM
i was going to go up it 3yrs ago but the $$$$ for 4 of us was a little to much ,maybe some day

10-16-2008, 10:34 AM
Here is my review of done on some site... I don't recommend the cog, take the auto road, they are really nice, they give you good advice on the hike.

The Cog company discourage the hikes, in facts, they don't like us.

----A company without any respect for their client.

Hi Everyone, first I want to apologize for my English. I think it’s really important for the sake of everyone that I share my experience with this arrogant company.

We are a group of 4 person hiking the Mont Washington. My wife is pregnant (4 month) but still in really great shape to do hiking. We call before, and they say we can buy one way ticket at the top of the mountain. But, sometimes the train is full so we need to have a plan b. (our plan b, was to take the bus...)

So we are now at the top, going to the office to get our tickets, and get a really RUDE talk we the old man... we are not American, so we get an hard time to understand what is was saying, we just ask him to repeat 1 time, and he make a sign with is hand to sans get out of here!! We were a bit chocked by his attitude, but anyway we have our tickets... so really happy to get some place on the train.

Just to let you know, the ride is 60$ but the one way from the top is 42$...

So now it’s time to get on the train, my wife get first, then I get in, and the guy at the door of the train realize that we hiked.. so he tell, I’m sorry, you need to wait... why? We have paid for the ride? Then we realized that they sales ticket at top regardless if they are sold out or not!!! Incredible! (and no refund!)

Well, just before the train leave, he let us in, we found two place, so my wife can sit (she’s pregnant, and with the vibration and the boom and bang from the ride, it’s dangerous for her to stand up in the middle.)

But now, the young man who drive the train ask her to stand up, that we are “One Ways” and that she’s can’t sit! We paid for the ride, but she can’t sit!

Well.. My friend and I, we just say NO to this a***** and we just stand next to her and didn’t let a chance to him to approach her.. I think he get the point because we didn’t hear him again.

And I should say, I don’t understand this tourism trap, the only thing you see from the train is
the scrap that they leave next to the track,
the charcoal that fall next to the track.
The big smoke that the train do
The really big noise..

And maybe 5-10minutes of great view...

This company should be closed down.

here is some other review I found today... On trip advisor.

I have been part of a group of hikers who climb Mt. Washington yearly. We would hike up the Amonoosic Trail, and had been taking the Cog down. I will be doing that no more. In 2005, I was told by the elderly ticket agent in no uncertain terms that, and I quote, "the Cog Railway discourages the use of the Cog by Hikers." Incredulous, my wife asked why... his response, right in her face: "You all smell! You're dirty and offensive to our real customers - the families and such." I know that many hikers take the cog every day - I would like it know what those guys running the train really think of you as you hand over nearly $60 to those [--] for the priviledge of them insulting you behind your back.