View Full Version : Huntington Ravine for S.T.P. ???

rockin rex
07-24-2008, 09:27 AM
With looking at the weather forecast for Sat. those looking to climb via H.R. keep an eye towards the sky. You don't want to get caught above the fan if bad weather moves in. Once you are on the slabs you are committed until you reach the Alpine Garden trail. Did H.R. last year with Thunderstorm warnings posted and it was very unnerving. If you decide to do H.R., when you reach the junction with the Raymond path this is where the real decision needs to be made. The Raymond path will run you back into Tuckermans about a half mile below Hermit shelters. If weather looks bad head back to Tucks and climb the much safer way. Hopefully the weather will hold the same as it did last year.

07-24-2008, 01:40 PM

Thanks for the reminder....since I have never done HR before, what is your advice if:

1) it rains Friday night, and
2) Saturday am looks fairly clear

Will it (typically) still be too slippery from Friday nite showers?

rockin rex
07-24-2008, 03:58 PM
That is a really good question. Everyone is different on their comfort levels. Between the floor of the ravine and the fan (where the slabs start) you will have a really good idea if the trail is to slippery for your liking. If you run into trouble and don't feel comfortable in any spot between the floor of the ravine and the fan "Turn around". Once you start up the slabs it is to steep to turn around and head down especially if it is wet!! Just remember, before the fan you can head back to Raymond path and hike up Tucks. After the fan your choice has been made for you. I guess if it rained Friday night and was dry on Sat. I would at least head for the Ravine floor and then make my decision from what I see there. This is an incredible trail and if there is a SAFE way to do it for S.T.P. then it should be experienced. This trail as K.D. has said kicks A--!!!!!! Huntington Ravine is one of my favorite trails in the White Mountains. Again I will state I have never done this trail in the rain nor do I ever want to!!!!!!