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12-22-2008, 11:13 AM
The Twin Mountain House was one of the first and most popular grand hotels in the White Mountains of N.H. It was built in 1867-68 by a pair of brothers from Hartford (White River Jnct.) Vermont. There names were Asa T. & Oscar F. Barron, Asa being Oscars senior in age by 8 years having been born in Bedford N.H. in 1814. The brothers Barron had a succesful hotel operation in Vermont called the Juncnction House, at White River. They traveled to Bretton Woods, then known as Carroll, and purchased a tract of land owned by a local family called the Neals. Liking what they saw, they bought the land, and erected the famed Twin Mountain House, which under the direction and ownership of Asa and his son Oscar G. Barron, became known for it's hospitality and cuisine, nation wide! The author of "Uncle Toms Cabin" Harriet Beecher Stowe, and her equaly famous abolishonist brother the Reverand Henry Ward Beecher, were guests there for years untill there death. Here is a funny story regarding the Twin Mountain House, Rev Beecher and my relative Asa Barron. Reverand Beecher would give religious sermons on the grounds of the Twin, and at one such sermon Asa barron left his mark. The good Reverand was giving his sermon under the large circus tent at the Twin, and Asa Barron was sitting in the back row listening, though watching a cow grazing on the hotel grounds, and pushing against the hotel fence to reach the grass on the other side. With Beecher well into his sermon, the cow pushed to hard and broke the fence. Asa barron jumped up, interupting the sermon and yelled "Those god damned cows do it every time!" With all in the crowd including Rev Beecher looking at him awe struck, he apologized profusely to the crowd and the reverand, and Beecher and Barron were fast friends from then on. The Twin was a grand old place which stood for 92 years, before being torn down in 1960. The last of the Barrons died in 1964, and taht was Asa's son Col William A. Barron , who died at Newburyport MA at the ripe old age of 96. If only I could have a glimpse of what he saw over nearly century long life. The Twin being the first that my family owned in the White Mountains, it holds a special place in my heart. Have a merry christmas, and a happy new year!