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01-03-2009, 01:44 PM
Yet another Tecumseh hike, :D.

Cut and pasted from http://trishgrid.blogspot.com/

Accompanying pictures can be found there...
Tecumseh Trail, 4.4 miles roundtrip.

Yeah, I know, I just hiked this four days ago, but hey, it's a new month and this mountain is so close to our house. Really easy to wake up before the kids do, tag it, and then come back to my family.

Was on the trail at 7am, no snowshoes this time around. A slight dusting of snow covered the hard, packed path. It was almost like walking on a sidewalk most of the way to the top.

I forgot to take a proxy, so I just grabbed a hat from the car and took trail sign/summit with that instead.

The first half of the half was routine, except for some reason I wasn't feeling all that well. I felt extremely fatigued, and every few minutes wondered whether or not I should call it a day. I figured I'd get myself to the "view" sign (a bit over halfway in) and see how I felt.

The first major water crossing had a nice snow bridge across it.

When I got to the "view," there wasn't much to see. Everything was fogged in. However, I felt much better and decided I could definitely do the summit. So onward I went, now embarking on those unrelenting moderately steep sections.

The pictures really don't accurately show the steepness of the trail. At least the snow covered all the boulders underneath -- I think this was more difficult during the summer.

I paused often, resting and listening to the wonderful sounds of nature. The ski center was quiet, so I could hear the wind whistling through the trees, the creaking of bending tree trunks, the occasional bird or two. That's what I love -- the peace and serenity of being out-of-doors, in the mountains. It's what draws me back, it's what I think about during the week when I can't get out here.

At the Sosman Trail intersection, I took a short break and consumed one of those electrolyte-replacement gels. I swear those things have some kind of illegal substance in them. Each time I use one, my eyes blur for a moment and I feel an immense rush of energy. I motored on up to the summit feeling like a new woman.

Once at the summit, I took a picture of the cairn, looking back toward the trail I had just ascended.

And the view today was.....cloud.

And right above me, directly over the summit cairn, more cloud.

I didn't stay too long, the wind was fierce and I was feeling an occasional gust. I checked my watch before descending....it had taken me exactly 2 hours from car to summit today.

I paused during the ascent to take a picture at the "view." One can get a sense of the wind, from all the snow blowing every which way. I didn't feel any chill from my vantage point, however....it was nice to be in the trees today.

Took me one hour and 15 minutes to get back to the trailhead from the summit.

I now felt fantastic and very glad that I had continued on toward the summit. Made it back in time for Hugh to go hike up the climbers' trail on Cannon (his favorite NH haunt). Now I'll probably sled with the girls some -- wish every day could be like this. It's back to the usual routine on Monday and I'll be dreaming of the next hike in between the standard duties of everyday life.

01-04-2009, 04:06 PM
Looks and sounds like you had a terrific hike. I envy you being able to get out there as much as you do. But keep the t/r and pictures coming makes me almost feel like I am there. Thanks..

01-04-2009, 04:17 PM
Thanks, Chris. Sorry I can't be more exciting than Tecusmeh right now, that's my fall-back mountain. :)

I'm really hoping to average one 4K per week this year, I think I can do that and juggle family duties in a decent fashion. I'd really like to change my body from marshmallow to Heidi Klum.

01-04-2009, 04:45 PM
Bob and I were doing our first XC skiing of the winter at Waterville, right near where you were hiking. We skied up to Thornton Gap on the Tripoli Road and also up the Upper Osceola Trail on the Waterville system. It was definitely windy, with trees creaking so much (like you described) that we wondered if something was going to fall on us! Must have been pretty brisk up on Tremont. When we first got there, we were getting little flurries, but then it cleared out. Nice to get into the woods on a bright day, as long as you're dressed for it!

P.S. Waterville was very slow that day. The guy at the yurt was mentioning it. Recession affecting skiing?

01-05-2009, 09:48 AM
Looks like this was the fallback from Tom/Field/Willey for Saturday. Sorry that one didn't work out but any mountain top is a good mountain top (even in the clouds). Cardigan was beautiful this weekend. The clouds blew off early on Saturday and the rest of the weekend was clear and sunny (if not a bit windy). We got in several nice hikes although we never quite made any summits. Hopefully will have all the pics processed and a TR up tonight.

Jimmy Legs and Little d
01-06-2009, 12:50 PM
Did you ever consider that maybe you could set a White Mountain record as to how many times you hike the same mountain in one year? Hope you can keep pace at the 1 - 4K per week.
little d

01-06-2009, 06:40 PM
LOL...though if I lived close by full time and wanted to get some exercise in every morning before going off to do whatever, Tecumseh would be the perfect daily work-out mountain. Just 3 1/2 hours or so each day....if I was an everyday local and just wanted an early-morning workout, then that's exactly what I'd do....