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Bill O
01-04-2009, 03:40 PM
Jim S received the "Editor's Pick" for Nature Photographers Online Magazine. Check it out:


You'll have to wait for his photo to cycle through.

I heard he also just officially launched his website.

01-04-2009, 04:09 PM
Congradulations to Jim he takes remarkable pictures. I can only hope to take pictures half as good has his.

01-04-2009, 05:54 PM
Thanks Bill for the post!

I was quite suprised to hear last night of the selection, as the talent on the site is both inspiring, and at times intimidating, it's well worth looking at the other winning selections:

In a way, this selection belongs to the people on this site who have been honest and constructive in their critiques of my images, as I continue to refine my technique and style. Thanks for being you and a great place to 'hang out' on the net.

As far of my website...it's just about 'done', have to work on the contact and commerce page, as I'm not sure what I want on there yet, but it's coming along nicely. I've spent a lot of time working on it, but thanks to the recent ice storm, and the fact that I've only had one day of school since December 11th, I've had the time. BillO made the links page, as when we worked on the summit, he was a wealth of photographic advice for which I'm very appreciative! KD is on there as well as a constant source of inspiration!

When the site is in a really good point, I'll post it here for critiques, thoughts and advice as well.

Thanks again all!

01-04-2009, 06:49 PM
way to go jim picture looks great

01-04-2009, 07:03 PM
Congrats. Jim...:)

01-04-2009, 07:39 PM
Jim, Congradulations!!! Thanks for the help you've given me and others here and over at VFTT. That image of Silver Lake is just beautiful.


01-04-2009, 08:07 PM
Jim, awesome picture. And I like that version 100% better then the other picture. there is a level of mystery in the very foggy version that is extra special.

Bill O
01-04-2009, 08:40 PM
What was the other choice?

01-05-2009, 06:39 AM
Jim, Congradulations!!! Thanks for the help you've given me and others here and over at VFTT. That image of Silver Lake is just beautiful.


Oops! That's not Silver Lake. I always want to call that Silver Lake.

I agree, the way he captured the fog definately sets that image apart.

Steve M
01-05-2009, 06:55 AM
Congrats Jim! That photo is awesome. You deserved to win.

01-05-2009, 07:42 AM
Congrats!!! You're a man of remarkable talent. :D

01-05-2009, 07:49 AM
A well deserved award. I always look forward to seeing Jim's photos and hearing about his photography techniques. This one was one of my favorites when I first saw it.

01-05-2009, 11:16 AM
Very cool! Congrats, Jim!

01-05-2009, 11:58 AM
What was the other choice?
Under Jim's picture in the words in a link to another picture of the same location that Jim thought was good also (it is).

01-05-2009, 10:36 PM
Sweet image. And in a talented crowd, too. Well done. :cool: