View Full Version : Circuit Hike Near "The Flume" 2/23/09

Jimmy Legs and Little d
03-02-2009, 08:40 PM
On Monday 2/23 we awoke to a renewed winter wonderland with close to a foot of fresh snow. After cleaning the snow off our vehicle and eating breakfast at Flapjacks, we headed to the AT trailhead near the parking lot to The Flume.


Here the Appalachian Trail brushes the parking area before crossing Route 3.


We would hike the circuit clockwise leading to the West Side shelter. Glacial erratics, cover in snow, could be seen throughout the woods.


Once again, for a third day in a row, we had to "break" trail.


This shelter was one of several we would see throughout the day.


We followed a spur trail down and to the right, which led to a wooden platform overlooking the pool below the Sentinel Pine bridge.


Across the gorge, brownish ice formations can be seen.


Backtracking, we approached the Sentinel Pine bridge which had more than a foot of snow on it's cedar shingled roof.


After stopping for lunch at the last of the three shelters, we followed the now "broken" trail down along side the top of the gorge to one of several wooden bridges leading to the lower section of The Flume.


Where the trail stops, (closed for winter) we noticed several climbers scaling the ice walls.


As we retraced out steps out over the snow coverd wooden path we could see the river flowing below and to our right.


When we reached the Pemigewasset bridge I mounted the camera on a tripod for the "perfect" winter picture.


Nearing our starting point, I noticed the results of some aggressive woodpecker activity.


I estimated our hike to be about 3 miles; short but none the less, satisfying.

Our next hike: Mount Avalon.

I hope it's been "broken out".

KD Talbot
03-02-2009, 10:05 PM
the off-season hiking around Flume Gorge! Great hike. Nice pics, glad you enjoyed!


Steve M
03-03-2009, 12:36 AM
Very cool, thanks!:)

03-03-2009, 05:30 AM
I estimated our hike to be about 3 miles; short but none the less, satisfying.

Our next hike: Mount Avalon.

I hope it's been "broken out".

This is one of those hikes I've always wanted to do in winter and have yet too...great pictures of this unique area!

You guys sure made the most of your trip up here...some really nice hike and pics!

I hope for your sake that avalon is broken out too... ;)

03-03-2009, 06:58 AM
Great pictures! I especially like the one of the ice climbers, and the one of the woodpecker activity. All your shots are great, but for some reason those two stuck out.

Congrats on a great day, looked like a beautiful hike!

03-03-2009, 07:52 AM
Looks like you guys had a pretty nice hike and wonderful pics.. I to like the woodpecker activity shot. Pretty cool. Thanks for taking the time to share.