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06-01-2006, 08:36 PM
BC et al, how do I post photos from a hike as in the auto road thread? I plan to hike and shoot alpine flowers soon and I'd like to post in a similar way. I have Photoshop II. How would I size the image?


06-02-2006, 07:55 AM
http://www.electricteacher.com/diversity/bannersphotshop.jpg (http://www.electricteacher.com/diversity/graphics.htm)
The directions below will provide you with the step by steps you will need to resize your images and change the resolution, as well as choosing your file type.

Open PhotoShop and open your image by going to file open and choose the file you want to work with.
Go to Image on the menu bar and choose Image Size.
The Image Size dialog box will open. If the dimensions are in inches then click on the down arrow and choose pixels. (to use pixels all of the time without having to change it go to File on the menu bar and down to Preferences, and click on Units and Rulers. Click on the down arrow next to units and choose pixels and click on OK.)
Type in the width for the image you want to use. Make sure constrain proportions is checked because if it isn't and you change the width the height will not be automatically changed.
Look at the number for resolution, if it is an image that you will be printing out then set it for at least 300 dpi. If it is for a web page save it as 72.
Click on OK.
Go to file and choose save as a copy or save for web.
Click on the down arrow where it says save as and choose either JPEG, jpg if it is a photograph or an image that you have beveled or has a gradient in. Otherwise you can choose gif (CompuServe Gif). If those options aren't available then go to Layer on the menu bar and choose flatten image and then repeat step 7.
Now your image is all set to add to your document or web page.

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06-02-2006, 06:44 PM
BC, thanks very much! I can do that. :)

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testing, testing...