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03-16-2009, 04:46 PM
I just finished The Story of Mount Washington by F Allen Burt. A grandson of the family who ran the paper Among the Clouds. I thought it would be more about the paper itself but pleasantly found he included some neat details about the Presi's and some of the hiking firsts. So, here's 10 questions to test your knowledge. You may find some easy, hopefully, none are too outdated as the book was printed in 1960, and sold for a whoppin' $6.50. So, in keeping with the true nature of this category of the forums, which is after all, Q & A, here goes: (thanks to Steve Smith who located a copy of this for me!)

1. Two main faults exist N of the Presi Range. One just N of the Pliny Range, the other between the Crescent Range and the Presi's. What are the names?

2.The names of the Presi's & southern Presi's are well known. Seven were christened by Lancastrian's in 1820. Of the listed 11, which 4 were named after 1820: Madison,Adams,Jefferson,Clay,Washington,Monroe,Fra nklin,Pleasant,Webster,Jackson,Clinton.

3.We call them the Lakes of the Clouds. They've also been known as Washington's Punch Bowl. But, in 1820, Ethan Crawford called them Blue Pond. Why?

4. The Inn at Giant's Grave had a name. Was it: A-The Flint & Musket, B-Black Bear Tavern, C-Bull & Finch (had to put that in), or D- Old Moosehead Tavern.

5.On July 25th, 1933, Ms. Lillian Judd summited Mt W by this means. It is the last recorded instance.

6.We've heard of the Cow Pasture. In 1878 a visitor to the Tip Top House recorded his tea was fortified with this, also provided by what other animal that was kept at the summit?

7. Grant made it by train. So did Hayes, who was there 5 times, including hiking to the summit when he was 11. But did Pierce, NH's only President, ever make it to the summit?

8.After 1937 Carl Weiss was the first man to hike MT W via the Jewell Trail despite this handicap. He made the trip in 5 hrs., incl. stopping for lunch. What adversity did he conquer? Hint: He had a dog.

9.On Aug 6, 1932, RE Welch ascended MT W, also fighting his handicap, with the assistance, at times, of the Cog Railway, you might say it was there for him to lean on. What did he overcome, and how long do you think it took?

10.William Oakes, the famed botanist, visited the Whites in 1825&26, and every summer from 1843-48. He was compiling another guide for both tourists and students of botany called "The Book of the White Mtns". He never finished it due to his untimely death on July 31, 1848. What happened to him?

All in all, a pretty neat book. It adds some details to some of the earlier hiking tragedies, such as those in the early 1900's. He devotes a good amount also to the colonial exploration of the mtns. He kinda divides it into 3 sections. The Mountain as Enemy, as Competitor, and finally as Teacher. Sorry I have no prize to reward if you know them all, but you can receive braggin rights. Thanks for reading!