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03-19-2009, 11:01 PM
Hi everyone,

We're working hard on STP 9 and it's shaping up to be a tremendous event. We'll be announcing the grand prizes as they come in (we're awaiting written confirmation on two great ones!) and we'll keep you informed with email updates as things move along.

One thing's for certain-- you are off to a HUGE start! We've already registered over 150 people and we're going to pass the $30,000 fundraising mark (sponsorship & donations) as early as tomorrow.

Sponsorship info is now live on SeekThePeak.org (http://www.SeekThePeak.org), so if your business wants to get involved by becoming a sponsor, by way of goodie bag items, prizes or by making a financial contribution, please take a look at the 2009 STP Sponsorship Kit (http://www.seekthepeak.org/STP_Sponsorship_Kit.pdf) and give us a call.

We're looking at scheduling a Seek the Peak webcast in early May, where we will present you with all the tools you'll need to be successful in your fundraising efforts. We'll do a little MWO 101 presentation, so that you can learn much more about what we do, what challenges lie ahead and where the STP proceeds go. We'll also provide some tips for those who are intimidated by fundraising-- I think we can all use that. And we'll record the webcast and offer it up on the website for those who can't attend.

It's only March-- Thank you so much for everything you've already done to make STP 9 another incredible event!

All the best,

MWO Staff

03-20-2009, 12:02 AM
Great news Scot! I'll be looking forward to hearing more. :)

And I finally got my fundraising off the starting line today. $325 in one day! WOOT!