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03-28-2009, 01:08 PM
I was looking closely at the picture of "Marty" walking gingerly through the snow.It looks look he's multi-toed! I have had several Maine Coon cats(the only kind I'll get,I'll explain why)My cat is named Max,full name(yes he's got a 1st & last name,doesn't every pet??)is Maximus Pawsize! He's got 7 toes(claws) on each foot(pad), and to be honest,I'd rather tangle with my 100+lb German shepard than that cat.No,Maine Coons are not from Maine,and they're not the result of interbreeding between bobcats/lynxes and domestic cats.
But its their temperment that I find most attractive about this breed of cat.You noticed Marty was following you,then meowed,well,my cats used to follow me in the woods,much like a hunting dog! They also "speak" and loud & long until they get their way...,also they're loyal pets,protective,I had another Maine Coon named "Lily Lynx" mainly because she looked like one,and was about as fierce when it came to chasing other cats & even large dogs out of the yard! She even would growl like a dog at the window,if the neighbors were out in their yard!?
So enjoy your mascot's company,I'm sure he'll be grateful and show it,either by "talking" or following you around...,especially for food!

03-30-2009, 10:37 AM
I love Maine Coons, I'd like my next kittty to be a rescued Maine Coon.

One of my cats, Riley (full name Baba O'Riley...pictued in my avatar) has thumbs, part of the reason I got him. He is mostly likely part Siamese....he "talks" all the time, and follows me around like a dog....so cool.

Bretton Woods Brat
04-01-2009, 08:18 AM
You talkin about me?