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04-08-2009, 05:58 PM
Hi all!

We are planning to do the Presi Traverse in August going North to South. We are hikers of varying ability so are looking more towards the hut-to-hut instead of the 10-13 hour dash. I have hiked Washington every year since I can remember but am not too familiar with the other routes. I am considering cutting what was originally a 2 night stay (Madison and Lakes) down to a one night stay. Any advice on which hut to stay at if only staying in one (again, going north to south)? Looking for somewhat of a halfway point taking into consideration the rougher terrain in the beginning.

Also, any general ideas on point-to-point timing for 'average' hikers would be much appreciated (ballpark). I've been going off of this site (http://home.earthlink.net/~ellozy/hut-traverse.html) but would love comments from the tried and true.

Thanks! :D

04-08-2009, 06:48 PM
My wife and I did this trip in July of '07 and it was amazing! I had logged the trip report with times on wmgonline.org but just discovered that the older TRs have been purged :(. We did this as a 4 day adding Mizpah to the stays. We stayed at Highland Center Shapleigh the night before left our car in the lot across the street. Took the hiker shuttle to Appalacia on the first morning and went up Valley Way to Madison Hut. Would do Airline instead of Valley Way if we went again. Dropped our packs and went up Madison and then wandered around Star Lake before settling in. Next day went to Lakes and skipped all of the summits (Gulfside to Westside to Crawford Path) since the forecast for the afternoon wasn't great. Wound up getting just a shower so we could have hit at least a few that we skipped (Adams, Jefferson, Washington) but it was still a pretty long day. Day 3 we left our packs at the hut and went up Monroe after breakfast and then came back grabbed the packs and headed to Mizpah hitting all the summits in between (Crawford Path). This was a pretty easy (and beautiful) day with the exception of the slog down the muddy steep approach to the hut. Day 4 we went over Jackson and Webster and then back down to Highland (Crawford Path, Webster Cliff, Webster/Jackson). Could have just gone from Lakes down on day 3 but really wanted to do Webster/Jackson and stretch out the time. It was well worth it. I don't have our times recorded anymore but could figure them out from the timestamps on the photos. We took our time and were definitely slower than what Mohamed shows in his times (which I think are about the same as AMC book times). On you question about doing it as a 2 day the only hut choice would be Lakes, but that's going to make a really long day. Go for at least 3 and take time to enjoy. Bottom line is - plan it, do it!!!!

Here's the photo album: http://picasaweb.google.com/mtruman42/HutToHutPresidentialTraverse?feat=directlink

BTW - we loved it so much that we went back last summer and did another 4 day hut to hut from Franconia to Crawford (day after Wahsington for Seek the Peak) and it was just as good. Here's the TR for that one: http://www.mountwashington.org/forums/showthread.php?t=4033

Bill O
04-08-2009, 09:42 PM
Lakes of the Clouds is the closest to the middle with the northern section being quite a bit longer than the southern.

If you start early (before daylight) hit all the summits and push very hard you can make it to Lakes by early afternoon. Well, I have, but it was a real haul. Basically no-stopping and little enjoyment of the surroundings.

Two days is doable, if you are fit but you'll have more fun if you take your time.

04-09-2009, 09:49 AM
I went back and checked the photo timestamps to get the times for our 4 day Presi. Our pace was steady but unhurried each day with an average number of breaks for snacks and lunch. Our pace without stops tends to be around book time (30 min/mial + 30 min/1000' elevation gain) to give you some idea. We obviously took our time more for this one - more due to the constant need to soak in the incredible views than the need for rest. Also keep in mind that this was in perfect weather.

Day 1

9:44 Start at Appalacia Trailhead
1:52 Madison Springs Hut

Day 2

9:12 Leave Hut
10:15 Thunderstorm Junction
11:58 Ednamds Col
3:00 Cross Cog Railway
4:15 Lakes of the Clouds Hut

Day 3

10:15 Leave Hut
12:51 Eisenhower Summit
2:15 Pierce Summit
3:00 Mizpah Hut

Day 4

9:30 Leave Hut
10:40 Jackson Summit
12:10 Webster Summit
4:15 Highland Center

04-23-2009, 02:59 PM
Thank you so much! I will definitely be taking your ideas into consideration when planning. I'm finding the huts to be booked for the weekends in August so trying to work out a middle of the week trip right now.

Thanks again for the advice!

04-23-2009, 04:59 PM
Thank you so much! I will definitely be taking your ideas into consideration when planning. I'm finding the huts to be booked for the weekends in August so trying to work out a middle of the week trip right now.

Thanks again for the advice!

Good news is that the huts are cheaper during the week as well. Prices really went up this year for weekends. Worth joining AMC for the discount as well - you pretty much save the membership fee with a couple of night stay.