View Full Version : Summit bid on May 5th-7th

04-28-2009, 11:01 PM
This is will be my 1st post on here but just looking for some suggestions. I will be arriving next week to make a summit attempt pending on weather of course and also to practice Self Arrest techniques and such. I am planning on climbing up either Tuckerman or Lions Head depending upon the wind and weather conditions. From looking at the pictures on Tuckerman.org the Ravine doesnt seem to be looking so hot. Though I am told it is an easier climb in high wind. I am wondering how well marked the trail is above Tuckerman as I have not had alot of experience with winter trail finding. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

04-29-2009, 11:45 AM
I'd say the Lion's head winter route is the safer option and it is more fun as it is has a nice few challening steep sections. Now, once you get past the junction of late winter route with main trail, just above Lion's head rock, the trail isn't really marked as most everything is usually snow covered ( maybee little less now than when I climbed a few weeks back so there may be some markings).... However, it is clear which way to go (straigh up summit cone) and you probably will see pleny of footprints. Also, if you are doign this on a weekend day you will see quite a lot of other people out there especailly if the weather is nice

Good luck and I hope you make that summit! It is a great experince regardless and getting an early start makes it even better as you have plenty of time to relax + take in the beauty of the mountain... I usally try to start climbs by 6am ish

04-29-2009, 02:02 PM
It will be a week day that I am hoping to climb up there. I didnt plan on coming back to North Conway (my new favorite town) until sometime next year. I was up there about a month ago for the first time and climbed about 1/2 way up the Ravine. It takes me a little less than an hour and a half to get to the Ravine if I stop for a picture or two. I am hoping for obviously clear weather in which I am assuming you can see the summit cone from Lions Head or the junction?

Bill O
04-29-2009, 05:39 PM
There's a good chance the winter route will be closed. In which case the summer route is the next best (only) choice.

Getting late in the season I'd avoid Tuckerman Ravine all together. It will be heavily crevassed. Some of the side gullies might be an option.

If you are looking for steep snow you can always climb the east snowfields. Crampons and ice axe will be helpful, but not necessarily essential there.