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05-02-2009, 03:21 PM
Cut and pasted from http://trishgrid.blogspot.com
Accompanying pictures can be found there.

Tecumseh Trail, roundtrip. 4.4 miles

I had promised my husband a climbing day today, and we have to be in MA tomorrow, so I thought I wouldn't get out this weekend. However, I convinced Hugh to let me tag this peak quickly this morning before he headed out to climb in the afternoon. He graciously agreed. Alex didn't mind, since she wants to hold off on 4Ks for another week or two, until the soft snow is gone.

So I headed on out and soon arrived at the familiar trailhead.

The lower portion of this trail was completely snow-free. Came to the first water crossing, no big deal.

I enjoyed seeing rocks, dirt, and greenery again. This past winter seemed long.

I came to the second crossing and encountered the beginning of the monorail.

It wasn't too bad. After the climb away from the water, the snow was spotty. Then the monorail reappeared, then there was snow all over the trail. However, it was firm enough for me to bareboot -- I carried my snowshoes, but never needed to put them on.

I arrived at the summit 1 hour and 45 minutes after leaving the car. The monorail slowed me down a bit, but I felt I had made fairly good time.

Standing on a particular rock and holding a branch out of the way, I was able to procure a fairly nice view.

I headed back down. The highlight of my descent was slipping on some ice and slamming my upper thigh against a rock. I celebrated this event by staying down and moaning for an appropriate amount of time, then I got back up and continued on my way.

I stopped by the viewpoint and took in the scenery.

From here down, there was little to no snow, so I picked up my speed and made it back to the trailhead with little fanfare.

So ends my run-of the-mill Tecumseh report. I always enjoy Tecumseh -- close to home, can be done quickly in the morning, and just a nice all-around exercise mountain.

05-03-2009, 07:20 PM
Great trip report and pictures.Looks like you had a pretty good day to get out there. Hope your thigh feels better. Can't wait to get out there myself but seems like there is always something to do every weekend. Thanks for sharing your trip.

05-04-2009, 08:06 AM
You're fortunate to have Tecumseh so close by, as a kind of "fitness mountain." Sure beats going to the gym!

I haven't hiked for ages--a combination of working on fixing up my house to put it on the market, and reading everyone's reports of monorails, bad stream crossings, and soft snow.

05-04-2009, 08:15 AM

Hope to see you out there sometime. We also have a ton of things to do each weekend, but we just ignore them. :o

Krummoltz, not a bad idea to wat a couple of weeks. Tecumseh wasn't so bad, the snow there wasn't too big of a deal. Other 4Ks are much worse right now, so I hear. Hopefully by the end of May things should be better all around.