View Full Version : The California State Park Travesty - Can We Help?

06-11-2009, 08:11 PM
OK, the closing of the California State Parks is not exactly and east coast issue - or is it. I assume that by now everyone has heard of the plan to close 220 of the 279 California State Parks based on Governor Schwarzenegger's plan to eliminate General Fund support for the state park system. What an incredible loss this would be! We've only been to California a few times and to only several of the state parks - but they are an incredible set of natural resources. It isn't just about what is lost by the closure of these parks but the presidence that it sets. Are National Parks next? What about National Forrests? I feel that all of us who care about our natural resources and the ability to stay in the outdoors places that we love need to stand up and be heard. Most of the methods of protest for the CA park closures are for CA residents through their legislative representatives. There is however one petition that can be signed by residents of every state. I urge everyone here to sign this petition and look for other ways that we can stop this tragedy before it is allowed to happen.


There is more information about the CA State Park closures here: