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Jimmy Legs and Little d
06-11-2009, 08:31 PM
Our intentions for our last hike in Acadia National Park were to do another makeshift loop from the park loop road up the Bear Brook Trail to the summit of Champlain Mountain, to the summit of Gorham Mountain, down to Otter Cliffs, backtrack along the Shore path, up the Beehive, to the summit of Champlain Mountain then back to the van.
Here?s the story:
Leaving the park loop road at the overlook and North end of the Bear Brook Trail we ascended moderately over granite slabs. Looking back we could see the Porcupine Islands and Frenchman?s Bay.


The summit of Champlain Mountain (1,058 feet) was reached after one mile.


As we descended the top, two women approached with three dogs. The dogs enjoyed a cool dunk in one of the small pools; the big one being reluctant to get out.


Our next landmark would be The Bowl which is just below the top of the Beehive.


Looking back (towards the summit of Champlain Mountain) we could see that once again we were fortunate to have clear blue skis and puffy clouds.


I was looking for an interesting picture for this mountain pond, when I noticed this unusual dried branch.


Taking a left on the Bear Brook trail we were now in the col between the Beehive and Halfway Mountain.
Reaching the junction with the Gorham Mountain trail we ascended moderately to the summit of Gorham Mountain (elevation 525 feet).


Looking towards Sand Beach we could see a tour boat in Newport Cove.


Looking south we could see Otter Point.


One of our favorite activities on Gorham Mountain is to sit on a rock and do nothing but listen to nature and the bell buoy off in the distance. :)
Descending towards Otter Point one of us stepped on a rock the wrong way and somehow twisted her toe.:( At this point we had to make a decision whether to continue on to Otter Point or to shorten our hike by 2 miles by just heading back via the Shore Path.:confused:
Heading back north to our van we walked the scenic Shore Path passing Monument Cove, Thunder Hole (where I took a picture for an older couple who were visiting Acadia) and numerous other unnamed sites.
We stopped for a moment under a pine tree near Sand Beach and laid there just looking up at the sky trying to savor the moment and breath in the fresh sea air.


Continuing on, we walked the park loop road, where we watched a deer on two occasions gently walk across road. Walking past the daunting Precipice Trail brought back memories of iron rungs and railings. Being almost at sea level we began to ascend a hill where we came upon one of many overlooks. From this vantage point we could see many birds circling the Thrumcap.


We arrived at the van at 4:30 pm and headed over to Rosalie?s for pizza. Our mileage for today was 8.5 miles.
One other note: before we reached the parking spot in the morning we came upon numerous lupines along the roadside near Beaver Dam Pond.


06-11-2009, 09:40 PM
And I though you were done after the TR this morning. One more and we're getting in the car and heading for Maine. I can't take any more!!! ;)
August just can't get here soon enough.

By the way, the Lupines are beautiful!

Jimmy Legs and Little d
06-12-2009, 11:43 AM
And I though you were done after the TR this morning. One more and we're getting in the car and heading for Maine. I can't take any more!!! ;)
August just can't get here soon enough.

By the way, the Lupines are beautiful!

August will be here soon enough.....It's a pleasure for us to be able share our ventures with all on the forum. Glad you enjoyed them. Acadia is a special place for us too. We were so fortunate with the weather. Looking forward to your TR's from Acadia.
Lupines are my favorite wildflower. I actually grow some in our yard at home.