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06-15-2009, 07:21 PM

Cut and pasted from our hiking blog: http://trishandalex.blogspot.com
Accompanying pictures can be found there.

There was only an hour or so before dinner, so Alex and I went in, relaxed, and cleaned up a bit. Then came dinner and the antics of the hut croo.

Alex had a ball.

At dinner I had the pleasure of speaking with Phillip, a Canadian who spent the first half of his vacation doing a 5 hut traverse (this was his last one). The second half will be by the ocean. Now there's a man who does his vacations right.

Also met Ollie and his 15 year old soon, turning 16 the very next day. Cool, spending your birthday at a hut! The father-son duo were heading over the Lakes of the Clouds the next morning, hitting a few peaks along the way. These were two very nice guys, Alex especially enjoyed speaking with Ben.

It was a jovial evening -- a NH AMC group stayed over, as well as a group of ladies called the Painted Toenail Club, or something like that. I didn't get their whole story, but they were a very friendly, happy bunch.
Alex delighted in conversing with as many hikers as she possibly could. Everyone was very kind and supportive of her, she was practically floating on air the whole evening.

Went to bed early, and there was a lady who had fallen asleep wearing her headlamp...and it was on, light pointing at her ceiling (bottom of the bunk above). What is the proper protocol in this situation? Do you push the button on her forehead, perhaps waking her up and seeing you standing over her with your finger on her head? I took the coward's way out and left her alone. A few minutes later, someone else came along and gently pushed the button. She didn't wake. Call me chicken...

Next morning, Alex was dubbed a Junior Naturalist (she filled out her coloring book) and took part in a silly ceremony. She also received a patch, of which she is very proud.

We listend to the forecast during breakfast -- wind speed 5-20 mph, drizzle to light rain, temps in the upper 40s.

After breakfast, and after the hut sang Happy Birthday to Ben, we geared up for the weather and headed out toward Adams.

Quite a different looking day today...here we are a tenth of a mile or so from the hut, looking back toward it...it's in the picture somewhere...

Up we went on the Gulfside Trail.

Views toward the valley...

Continuing onward, toward the intersection with the Airline Trail...

We bypassed the Airline Trail and took a slightly longer, but more moderate, approach...Gulfside to Lowe's Path. I wanted to avoid steep climbs on wet, slippery rocks.

Continuing on the Gulfside Trail toward Lowe's Path...

Approaching Lowe's Path...

From here it was a moderate .3 miles to the summit. Looking in front of us, this was all we could see (forgive the white spot, I can't get it out of the picture for some reason).

As we approached the peak, two figures appeared out of the fog. It was Ollie and Ben, descending. They had come up the Airline Path. We exchanged pleasantries, I wished Ben Happy Birthday again, and we parted ways.

Shortly afterward, we arrived at the summit!

Here's what the summit of Mt. Adams looks like: a bunch of piled up rocks.

Alex and I touched the tops of all the boulders, then Alex decided to stand on what we thought was the high point.

There was no wind and we were both warm and comfortable, so we actually sat and hung out for a while. It was fun, sitting in a cloud, unable to see anything but the few boulders right around us -- yet knowing we were atop the second highest mountain in New Hampshire.

Eventually we headed down back to the hut. We took a short break there, then headed back down Valley Way. It was an uneventful descent. Both of us were tuckered out and ready to be back at the car. We made it down by 3:30pm, feeling sore but good.

'Twas a grand weekend.

06-15-2009, 09:18 PM
I had to respond to this one so you wouldn't think I read only the first half :)

Actually I did what I always do and read it on the blog so that I can see the great pictures along with the story. I agree with Chris's comment on part one - felt like I was there. Another epic TrishandAlex hike for sure. Glad you guys had a good time. Too bad the weather wasn't a bit better but could have been way worse. Saturday looked like it was beautiful and it must have been great getting to be there for BobC's 48. Congrats to Bob! I love Madison (still my profile pic on my blog sitting on top) and Star Lake is one of my favorite spots in all the Whites. Thanks for taking me back...

06-16-2009, 12:40 AM
Thanks, Mark. This TR was so long that I am grateful you and Chris actually got all the way through it, lol.

Star Lake is indeed beautiful. I really enjoyed that little detour.

We didn't mind the fog on Sunday -- there was little to no wind, and we were warm and dry in our rain gear. It was kind of neat, walking in and through clouds.

rockin rex
06-16-2009, 09:15 AM
Great trip report Trish!! Glad you and Alex had such a wonderful time on two of the top mountains in the whites. Your trip report makes me want to get in my car and head directly back up to Adams and Madison. I was so moved by Madison that I named my son Madison after the mountain. Trish so glad you and Alex had some what good weather on the summit and were able to take in the views. To bad Adams was not as good because the views from there are also just amazing. It is nice that they are still doing the natural program for the kids at the huts Baxter is 16 and when he was at Zealand hut at the age of 4 they did the same program and to this day he still has the patch and certificate proudly displayed in his room. These hiking trips you are doing with Alex are trips that she will remember for a lifetime. Again great trip report and pics. What a way to start my day. Thanks.

06-16-2009, 10:03 PM
Rockin'rex, thanks for your kind words. I do hope Alex remembers these trips. She has a hard time remembering some of the earlier ones we did -- but then again, I probably remember them mainly because I take almost all the pictures and set up the blog. If I didn't do that, they might all start to run together in my head. :)

I will miss the times Alex and I have had, we are finishing this summer and I will be sad to have this all come to an end.