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06-21-2009, 03:12 PM
Cut and pasted from Sage's very pink hiking blog, http://sagehikes.blogspot.com

Accompanying pictures and a short video can be found there.

Sabbaday Brook Trail, out-and-back.

0.6 miles.

Hugh and I have decided that each weekend we're going to trade off with the girls. One weekend I'll take Alex hiking and he'll have Sage (as has been the case every time Alex and I have hiked a 4K), and the other weekend I'll take Sage hiking and he'll have Alex. This way, we each get to spend time with the girls one-on-one. The other weekend day we're all together...we hope to continue this with the girls as they grow for as long as possible.

This was the first time I got to take Sage by myself, while Hugh took Alex. Since we had all hiked Mt. Willard yesterday, I thought it best if Sage and I did something on the short side today. The forecast was for rain off and on all day, so I chose a waterfall -- Sabbady Falls. Sage agreed with the choice, so off we went.

Sabbaday Brook Trail looks like a little road. Very easy, flat trail -- at least as far as we went today.

Sage particularly liked the wooden fences.

It took as about 5 minutes to reach the sign to the Falls. A very short hike indeed!

Here Sage is emphasizing the "no swimming" rule (shaking her head and wagging her finger).

We walked down a slight hill and came to the bottom of the Falls.

From here, we walked up some stairs, past the falls. We both very much enjoyed the view.

We reached the top, turned a corner, sat on a bench, and munched on some trail mix.

We sat for a while, enjoying our snack. We then decided to amble on down.

On the way, Sage wanted to take a picture of this slug...the fascination must run in the family, lol.

We reached the trailhead in short order. It was a very nice, short hike. Scenic and relaxing, a nice cool-down from yesterday's jaunt up Mt. Willard. It was nice to spend time with Sage one-on-one....I get to do very little of that, hoping to do a lot more in the future.

06-21-2009, 07:01 PM
Nice trip report and video and pictures. It is great that you both get to spend some quality time together with each girl. I think that is very important. You guys have to keep up what you are doing. I am sure all four of you are making some memories that you will never forget.

06-21-2009, 11:58 PM
Oh how I miss Sabbaday. So many memories. We went swimming there decades ago and it was so cold your face would cramp up. We dubbed it Frostbite Falls after that. (Rocky and Bullwinkle anyone?) On another occasion one of my brothers was pumping the well at the trailhead for my cousin when my other brother ran up to grab the pump handle, just as the first brother raised it. The end of the handle caught bro #2 dead square on the chin. I'll never forget the scene. I have some great pictures from Sabbaday (print versions). It's so picturesque.

06-22-2009, 07:02 AM
THanks, guys. Sabbady Falls was quite beautiful.

I'm glad I'll be going out alone with Sage for two reasons -- first and most importantly, I get to spend time with just her. Second, I get to see smaller, more sedate hikes than the 4Ks. It's nice, exploring the littler mountains and jaunts that are 3 miles and under.