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06-26-2009, 08:51 AM
I had a small knee injury due to running in May. It seems to be better now, however, I'm looking for some advice on what a good hike will be that isn't going to beat up the knees too badly, maybe something with a not so steep decent and not too long. I would like it to be a 4000 footer, just never too sure of the ones I haven't done yet. I don't want to re-injure it and I don't want to get to the summit and realize I still have to head back down in pain. Any ideas? I was looking at Osceola, from tripoli rd maybe. Never can trust the book descriptions completely. I'd appreciate any help : )

06-26-2009, 04:58 PM
Waumbek and Starr King are good for bad knees, with a pretty moderate grade. Osceola from Tripoli Road is good, but not from the Kank... One hike I really like that has steady moderate grades the whole way and is strangely overlooked is the Benton Trail to Moosilauke, from Tunnel Brook Road. it has no steep rocky sections. (One caveat: there is one stream crossing at the beginning that might be tough due to the recent rainy weather. But you could bring poles and wade if necessary.) Stay away from the Presies for the sake of your knees!

06-26-2009, 09:47 PM
Moosilakee (sp?) might be good. Didn't think of that. And I definately didn't like the write up on Osceola from the Kanc. It did sound good from Tripoli Rd. If only I could stay away from the presi's (sigh)

06-26-2009, 09:49 PM
P.S. Thank you!

06-27-2009, 04:26 PM
Mt Liberty from the Basin parking lot off I-93 comes to mind that might be a good day hike with a pretty low to moderate grade and gets you up to some decent altitude. However, I've only done it in winter snow conditions so you might want to check into how the summer conditions are


p.s. krummholz's advice about relaxaing the knees is very true; you'd hate to push them through something to early and then really hurt them...

06-27-2009, 06:03 PM
Ain't that the truth. I couldn't walk for 2 weeks, so it's been about a month since I've done ANYTHING. I'm so scared to re-injure for that reason. I can't be sitting around all summer! Bought a Mt Bike today, so hopefully that will strengthen my weak quads and help out in the future. Just can't sit idle anymore!

06-28-2009, 12:28 PM
yeah I'm right there with you it is rough!

I messed up my toe a month or so ago and I've just now getting back good enough to surf again, but still got a few more weeks to go before I'll be ready to climb again... thought I was going to go insane but somehow we make it through