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08-19-2009, 11:51 AM
I am going to be trying to do more late fall and winter hikes this year and my loving wife gave me the go ahead to buy what I need :D. Have I told you I love my wife:D:D. So with that in mind I have been trying to find a new backpack something large eneugh to hold all my winter gear and be comfortable.Bag,mat,extra clothes,coats, food etc. I was thinking maybe something around 5000cuin:confused:.I have been reading so many reviews on all types of packs that my eyes are starting to hurt. I am trying to keep the price down as much as poss..I really don't need a $400.00 pack. Oh yea I will also be using this pack for the summer to if I can get away for some overnite trips.I know the best way is to go and look and try them on but a little info first would be nice.

Also I am in the need for a bag. I see 15 degree and -20 + -40 degree and I am at a lost as to what I would really need. Any overnites would most likely be in the fall and Spring + summer. But I would like something in case of emergency for the winter (just incase). I was thinking if I got a really warm bag that I could just unzip if it got to hot. I have read alot of reviews on bags to with the same outcome. I have a headache now.

So what I am looking for is some feedback on what some of you guys have been useing and the good and the bad on them. Basically I need help.Feel free to reply with input you might think would help. I have done some winter hiking on day trips with my Osprey Stratus 40? but in noway will it hold everything I need.

08-19-2009, 05:08 PM
Are you planning on winter camping or do you need a 3 season pack that will hold a few extras?

Hiking to Harvard, Carter, Zool, etc? Or bivying above the escape hatch?

A few things to think about in a pack for cold weather trips are; axe loops, removable back pad so it doesn't freeze, crampon pocket, room for all your gear, water, etc INSIDE.

Personally I like Mystery Ranch (Glacier, 4200ci), Cold Cold World (Chernobyl 3000ci) and Wild Things (Ricesac 2200ci) for winter bags. All great companies and Made in the USA.

As for a sleeping bag... IMO you never need to get a bag rated below 0 degrees. If you are going to be out in cold weather you will be clothed appropriately and will typically be wearing 600-800 down or a synthetic equivalent inside the bag too.

Great companies are Feathered Friends, Marmot and Western Mountaineering. Find a bag that fits snug with your sleeping gear on....

Marmot has a couple zero degree bags sub 4lbs online for under $300 right now....

08-19-2009, 05:11 PM
I would look into Wildthings in North Conway. The more I see of their things and the more I aquire from them and use the more impressed I become. They aren't the cheapest but are definitely a quality product that are designed for hikers,climbers in mind.