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09-06-2009, 04:10 PM
Finally got my plans pretty well in place and figured I'd throw them out here in case any other forum family wants to meet up on the trail or even one evening for a get-together.

The aborted STP9 hike has been weighing heavy on my shoulders and I need to get this one wrapped up. It's also been 40+ years since my dad last hiked up in the mountains, so I'm bringing him along as well.

We are leaving Virginia early Tuesday morning and driving straight through to North Conway. Since the hike is going to be enough exercise for pops, camping it going to be a a hotel in town this time around.

Wednesday morning we'll hit Pinkham Notch and then hike up Boot Spur to Lake of the Clouds. Since we're staying the night there (first for both of us) we'll drop some gear and then head up to the Obs. Each year at STP, I've never really had enough time to enjoy the tour and take it all in before we need to head back down to make it to dinner. If you can believe it, I've never even stepped out on the deck! So hopefully the kind folks workin next week can give us a tour and show my dad what it is he's been supporting by donating to the hike each year.

Thursday, we'll take our time and cross over some of the neighboring Presi's. Couple years ago I got dad into geocaching and there's one on Eisenhower that he wants to grab. From there, we'll head back to Pinkham. (Will take some suggestions on good routes back down from there.)

Friday is dad's day of rest and he'll run off to do some visiting and I'll be left to fend for myself. I'll find a way to get to a nearby trail for a short one.

Saturday, CHRIS, dad and I will hike Franconia Loop for the FOT48 hike. Its been 40+ years since he was last on top of Lafayette, so we hope to get to the top on a nice day to commemorate the day.

Sunday, we'll pack up and return home.

If anyone would like to join us, we'll be more than happy to have more happy faces in the group! If an evening dinner at Moats or someplace sounds good, we'll be hanging around town too.


Snow Miser
09-06-2009, 07:00 PM
It sounds like a really nice trip that you put together. And it's also nice that you're bringing your Dad along. We brought my Dad (75 yrs old) up for STP9. He didn't hike, he just wanted be there. He loved it. It meant limiting alot that we could do, but it was worth it to have him with us. Wish I could get away from work to join up with you guys for FOT48.

Have a great time! Look forward to reading your TR and seeing some pictures.

09-06-2009, 07:06 PM
Looking forward to the hike and meeting your dad on Saturday. I had to bail for my plans for Monday hike @ Mt. Moose and Tuesday up Mt Wiley. My daughter has had a high temp since last nite 102.9 - 101.6. It went away for alittle while today but came back and now my wife does not feel good.She keeps telling me to pack and go but I can't leave and hike wondering whats going on back home.Have a safe drive North Erich.

09-07-2009, 11:47 PM
Thanks guys! Will check in during the drive and the week.

Hope your wife and daughter feel better. Just don't bring the bug up with you on Saturday! :)