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09-20-2009, 12:20 PM
The word "planning" is a somewhat repulsive to me. Whereas I take delight in words like "impromptu", "spontaneous", "spur of the moment". Perhaps my dislike of "planning" reached a pinnacle with a job I once had where the corporate planning department ruled the roost, and an inordinate amount of time was required to incessantly produce detailed plans for the future. I'd guess that less than 50% of the plans ever came to fruition, and so the whole process made little sense to me. My apologies to anyone out there who might be employed as a corporate planner! I mean no disrespect to your work; it's just not my cup of tea!

Anyway, here is how my little rant about "planning" is related to this Trip Report. Lately, there have been a number of factors (volunteer trail work, etc) that have prevented me from fitting in any prolonged hikes. However, the other day I unpredictably had the opportunity for about a 5 hour stretch of hiking. I relished the process of quickly cobbling together an "impromptu", "spontaneous", "spur of the moment" 9+ mile loop hike in the Crescent Range!:)

Probably not everyone feels the same, but I think the Crescent Range is a magnificent place to hike just for the pure joy of hiking. Yes, there are some viewpoints here and there along the myriad of trails on that smaller mountain range located directly opposite the Presidentials. However, the main attraction for me is being able to hike at "full throttle" through beautiful forests on well-maintained trails. And by "full-throttle", I?m not talking about trail running. I simply mean that you can cover great distances very quickly because of the well-maintained trails and because the terrain is generally mild-mannered.

OK, so what was the hike that I quickly put together? I did a loop that utilized the Vyron D. Lowe Trail, plus the Four Soldiers Path, Underhill Path, Crescent Ridge Trail, Sargent Path, and a short road-walk.

As indicated earlier, most of the personal joy for this particular hike was derived from simply hiking through the forest. However, this loop did take me to a couple of viewpoints such as the ones on the Four Soldiers Path, and the spot known as Lookout Ledge. Both of those locations provide an impressive up-close view into King Ravine. However, equally appealing to me is the eastward view toward the Carter Range that you get from Lookout Ledge (shown below).



But, the view into King Ravine view is undeniably photo-worthy! Below are 2 photos. The first snapshot was taken from a spot along the Four Soldiers Path, and the second one was taken from Lookout Ledge.
(Particularly on the Four Soldiers photo, you'll note a light coating of "white-stuff" at the higher elevations!)






Snow Miser
09-20-2009, 08:35 PM
Very nice photos. The second one is particularly nice with the trees in the foreground framing in King Ravine. Looked like a great day to be out there.

09-29-2009, 09:30 PM
Great Pictures of King Ravine. I really enjoyed what you had to say about spontaneous hiking, I find I do the same thing. In fact I have a long list of hikes with book times, and RT driving times and the total of both. That way, when I all of a sudden find a few hours in the day or week, I can use my list and find one that fits the time frame. I agree that the framing on the first one is nice, but the second one gives the impression of the forest being endless. Wishful thinking I suppose.