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KD Talbot
09-29-2009, 03:55 PM
View to the Mahoosucs from North Percy

Overnight to Percy Campsite

South Percy 3234'/ North Percy 3430'

6.4 Miles 2400' Elevation gain?

Kevin, Judy and Emma

On our recent trip to Unknown Pond and The Horn we stood on The Horn looking northwest at the Percys and thought, "We have to return there this fall." A recent trip report with some excellent pictures on VFTT sealed the deal. On our previous trip we had climbed both summits by the Percy Peaks Trail. This time, because of the distance to and the overall length of the drive we decided to do an overnight at the Percy Campsite.

Guard Dog

I must say, it is a very nice trail, The Percy Loop Trail, with the approach from the north, and the campsite is excellent. There is a tent platform, ample water from a nearby brook, and a new, well maintained, clean privy. The site sits about a mile below the col between peaks. The hike to the site is about 1 1/2 miles on an old logging road and, I probably shouldn't say this, but, you could still drive a jeep up there quite easily.

View of North Percy from South Percy

We arrived mid afternoon and were packed in to the campsite before we had time to adjust our packs. Camp was set up in no time and we were off to visit our two friends, North and South Percy. We decided to visit with Southie first. On our trip up we had run into a couple at Beaver Brook Ski Area where we had both stopped to walk our dogs. In casual conversation we had discovered that we would both be visiting the Percys that day. Sure enough, as we arrived at the summit of South Percy, there they were. We chatted for a while and shared some dog treats with each others dogs.

View Southeast

As we stood there taking in the views I spied two large birds circling overhead. At first we dismissed them as turkey vultures, but I wasn't so sure. I thought I had a glimpse of white on one of their heads. As we waited for them to come around again I was proven to be correct in that they were an adult and immature bald eagle riding the thermals around the Percy summits. What a sight!

To say that the trail to South Percy is a bushwhack is really a stretch. The only thing bushwhack about it is the fact that there is no sign at its junction with the Old Summer Camp Trail along with the fact that it isn't blazed. Otherwise, it is a very discernible, easy to follow herdpath that leads up to a very pretty summit that offers views equal to its big brother to the north. It also offers an incredible view of said brother, North Percy. The other couple had left and we had the summit to ourselves for a while as we took in the views in all directions.

Descending the ledges

When we had travelled to the trailhead we noticed that there were several cars at the southerly trailhead and none at the north. Other than the couple on South Percy we didn't run into any one again for the rest of our stay. We spent several hours between the two summits before we decided to head back down to camp to make some supper. Though we didn't stay for the sunset, we did watch the moonrise and saw the clouds moving in from the southwest as the impending front approached. It rained before dawn so there was no opportunity at sunrise shots from the summit. Luckily, the rain stopped just after daybreak long enough for us to make breakfast and break camp. The hike out was quick and easy. The rain seemed to have really brought out the color overnight and there was a golden glow to the woods on the hike down. Another great trip!

Percy Loop Trail

Pics here:



Snow Miser
09-29-2009, 04:35 PM
Very nice pictures! It looks like the three of you had a great day weather wise. And isn't it just great when you get the rare opportunity to see one or more bald eagles soaring overhead. Truly majestic birds. Thanks for sharing.:)

09-29-2009, 06:20 PM
NIce t/r and really nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.