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11-11-2009, 10:38 PM
This is just a short report of a bushwhack that I recently did with my friend Steve. A more complete report can be found by clicking the link below to Steve's blog.

Link to Steve's Blog (http://mountainwandering.blogspot.com/2009/11/wild-river-111009-after-two-years-away.html)

It's difficult to say which part was the highlight of this trip. The original plan was to simply bushwhack to a ledge in the Wild River Wilderness. Steve had been to this spot once before and knew that it had a view that is perhaps the "best of the best" for viewing the east-facing side of the Carter-Moriah Range. From this ledge, there is an unobstructed view of the entire range from Carter Dome to Howe Peak. So, that was certainly one highlight of this trip.

A couple of other highlights came about as a result of Steve having just read through a recently published book by Dean Bennett, entitled "Nature and Renewal: Wild River Valley & Beyond". Mentioned in this book are two things that just happened to be near our bushwhack route. One is a giant hemlock that survived the logging and the 1903 fire. Bennett determined that this tree has a diameter of 3 and 1/2 feet, and that it could be as much as 300 years old. It was just recently discovered in 1999 by a USFS forester while inventorying timber in the area. We managed to find this enormous hemlock located not too far off-trail from the Basin Trail.

Another item mentioned in Bennett's book was a remnant piece of logging railroad (complete with rusting rails and rotting ties) that lies mostly forgotten in a brook bed. Locating this item was not nearly as easy as finding the old hemlock. However, we eventually came across the 40 foot section of track shown on the cover of Bennett's book.

So, given all the above, perhaps it's understandable why it's so difficult to choose which was the highlight of this particular trip, i.e. the ledge with the comprehensive view of the Carter-Moriah Range, or the 300 year old giant hemlock, or the section of old logging railroad track.

Below are a couple of collages showing a few of my photos from this hike. Steve's blog (referenced at the beginning of this report) contains many more snapshots.

Old Railroad Tracks and Old Hemlock


Various Peaks, Lumps & Bumps of the Carter-Moriah Ridgeline



11-12-2009, 06:26 AM
For all of the emphasis on climbing lists and peak-bagging I like your bushwhack adventures the best. You just seem to go out and find cool things to see.

300 year old trees, old RR's, ledges on the edge of nowhere, and sometimes nothing in particular, now that's hiking....no wonder you go as "1Happyhiker". Thanks for reminding me how much fun it is just to hike....and to plan my next bushwhack.

Snow Miser
11-12-2009, 07:50 AM
Great TR and pictures John! You guys really get out and discover some amazing long lost things on your bushwhacks. I think that I can speak for all of us in that we always love to see when you have posted a new report. Thanks for sharing!