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01-25-2010, 11:15 PM
Cut and pasted from http://sagehikes.blogspot.com
Accompanying pictures and two short videos can be found there.

Sunday was Sage Day. But what to do? As we sat chewing our morning pancakes and drinking our milk, I mentioned that Lonesome Lake was probably frozen over. That's all I needed to say -- Sage wanted to go take a look. Since she had slept in the same hiking clothes she had worn yesterday for her trip up Bald Mountain with Hugh, it didn't take us long to get ready. We were out the door ten minutes after the last bit of syrup was scraped from our plates.

Hiking with Sage is a completely different experience from hiking with Alex. Alex is all about the goal, the summit, checking off a peak. She notices things along the way and points them out to me, yes...but her focus is on getting the job done. She has always been like that. She's a kid that needs structure and is happiest when achieving fixed goals.

Sage is more into the journey itself. She's happiest when she can stop often and explore whatever tickles her fancy. We both want to reach a destination, but if I want to ensure an enjoyable ascent, then I need to continually bend to her style. When allowed to hike on her own terms, the kid goes very far indeed.

Our hike up to Lonesome Lake, therefore, was a relaxed stroll peppered with much appreciation of snow.

When we got to the top of the steep bits, I told Sage we were now close to the Lake. She became very excited and ran down the trail.

The view before us as we ventured onto the ice was spectacular.

After taking ten steps out onto the frozen water, Sage broke into a run.

We reached the other side, climbed the short hill to the hut...

...and hung out inside for a bit, eating our chocolate and saying hello to the caretaker, Doug. When Sage felt ready, we began our descent.

Off she ran, back across the lake...

...and all the way down the trail.

That much they have in common, anyway. Both Sage and Alex are speed demons on the descent, especially during the winter.

It was a loving, beautiful, perfect day. Couldn't have gone better.

01-26-2010, 07:32 AM
Sage is to funny. She looked like she really enjoyed getting out there. Great T/R and excellent pics as usual.Thanks for sharing.