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02-07-2010, 03:01 PM
I'm looking to come back down to New Hampshire already and take a shot at Madison, Adams and Jefferson. I'd be interested in camping out overnight and spending both Saturday and Sunday climbing before I return here to the snowless Toronto.

Is anyone interested in coming out? I've been down there several times last year but did not have time to get the three I've mentioned. I'm willing to meet up and hike/climb with anyone who has the proper clothing and equipment. My last trip was a solo summit of Washington for New Years, this time I'd prefer to have company.

I am willing to do Washington again if need be, but I'd really like to grab some others too.

Cheers from Canada,

02-09-2010, 09:10 AM
Here's our tentative itinerary (below). You are welcome to join us. We have proper equipment. To see some of the hikes we've done before, check out my website at www.roykranz.com. E-mail is roykranz at gmail dot com.:

Sunday, 2/14
Park in trail head lot off US2 in Appalachia. Proceed up Air Line Trail to summit of Mt. Adams. From Mt. Adams take Star Lake Trail to AMC Madison Spring Hut. From Madison Spring Hut take Gulfside Trail (also AT) to summit of Mt. Madison. From Mt. Madison go down Watson Path to intersection of Valley Way. Take Valley Way to trail head lot.

Monday, 2/15
Park at AMC Pinkham Notch Visitor Center. Proceed up Tuckerman Ravine Trail to Huntington Ravine Trail. Take Huntington Ravine Trail to Raymond Path. Take Raymond Path southwest to Fire Road. Connect Fire Road with Lion Head Trail winter route. Take Lion Head Trail to Tuckerman Ravine Trail. Tuckerman Ravine Trail to Mt. Washington summit area.

Tuesday, 2/16
If we fail to summit Mt. Washington on Monday, we will follow same route Tuesday. If we summit, then on to Mt. Jefferson! Park at trail head off US2 at Lowe's Store. Take Lowe's Path to intersection with Gulfside Trail at Thunderstorm Junction. Take Gulfside Trail to Loop Trail. Take Loop Trail to Mt. Jefferson summit. Take Castle Trail down from Mt. Jefferson to The Link. Take The Link all the way to Lowe's Path. Take Lowe's Path back to trail head

02-10-2010, 05:26 PM
On Friday I'll be parked at the Cog Railway Station, and most likely crashing in the back of my Montana (brown and champagne colored) if anyone cares to meet up and climb with me. Anyone wanting to do a little overnight is more than welcome (just bring your own tent) ... I have a stove, fuel and pots anyone is more than welcome to use. I would love to join ya mate but I only have Saturday and Sunday to climb before I have to make the brutal 10-12 drive back on Monday.

On Saturday I had planned to leave the Cog Railway Station by 5:00am and follow the tracks to the col between Clay and Washington. From there I was going to grab Jefferson, Adams and Madison. I will be staying up there for a couple days and will have a full load of gear (around 50-60lbs) After that I was going to head back towards the col between Clay and Washington, follow the cog railway back down to 4,000 feet or so and set up camp.

On Sunday I had offered to meet up with a couple new climbers coming down from Ottawa and go to the summit of Washington with them. Barring any problems with them getting down there I would be willing to meet up with you lads on Sunday, if not at the Pinkham Notch, then maybe on the summit of Washginton? It would be really nice to meet and climb with some locals.

02-11-2010, 03:20 PM

Ill be out and about on the mountain Sat, and sun. Not sure what my plans are. Im sure I will knoww you if I see you kicking around. Best of luck.

02-15-2010, 11:25 AM
Well, I did grab Jefferson on this trip ... and what a horribly long route I ended up taking.

I broke a snowshoe about a 1,000 feet up the Cog and was forced to continue on without. It ended up taking me almost 5 full hours to ascend to the Sphinx Col. along side the Cog Railway track because of this. The postholing with a heavy pack made a relatively easy (although steep) climb extremely exhuasting.

Once up top I met up with a terrific fellow on the shoulder of Mount Clay. I'm terrible with names, but it was a nice older gentleman who had a spare replacement part for my snowshoe ... he too had MSR's snowshoes, but unlike me he was smart enough to bring spare parts. He quickly offered me the part and my shoes were fixed. Due to some hoar ice conditions on top I quickly switched back to crampons, but the favour was never less appreciated. He also showed me where the Gray Knob cabin was on his map, which I had initially mixed up for the Harvard Cabin. Nevertheless, it was one of my intended places to stay.

I was fading quite badly by the time I reached the col. between Clay and Jefferson, and normally I would have stopped to prepare a proper meal but time was becoming an issue and I was aware of a weather system that was moving in that evening which promissed high winds and snow showers so I pressed on, slowly, to the summit.

Once up there I met up with another group who were headed to the Pearch campsite and another young man who was headed out via Lowes Path. He offered me a drive back to the Cog if I headed out with him that evening. I was initially hesitant since I wanted to claim Adams and Madison the next day before I left, but once down off Jefferson and heading over to Gray Knob I thought it may be an offer I should not refuse. The thought of carrying so much weight all the way back from Gray Knob, over Jefferson, and to the Cog ... there was no way I could refuse and still consider myself of rational mind.

So I did hike out that same evening, with all that gear ... I'm not certain of the number of miles I did that day. I'm still trying to calculate the distance and once I figure out how to post some images here I'll post a trip report.

So I would like to once again extend a sincere thankyou to both the gentleman who generously offered me their support on this trip.

02-16-2010, 05:57 AM
Great story adknight. Glad to hear you made it safely. Please post pics!