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02-08-2010, 11:04 AM
With Super Bowl Sunday upon us we decided we needed to get out and get a hike in and get back in time to not miss too much of the game. Our original plans were a toss up between Flume/Liberty and Moosilauke. I even went so far as to message for some trail info from Mtruman (thanks again). Sunday morning dawned bright but the higher summits forecast was calling for fogged in summits so we scrapped the above treeline stuff and opted for the Tripyramids.
I've been eying up the North Slide in Winter since I got a good look at it from the Osceolas a couple of years ago.

Our approach would take the Livermore trail from Waterville Valley which is a groomed XC trail that takes you pretty much right to the base of the mountain. We stayed well off to the side so as not to impact the groomed surface.

Our goal was to climb the North Slide and traverse all three peaks and descend the South slide.

Slide from Livermore trail

The trip in took less than two hours and as soon as we got on the Mt. Tripyramid trail we hit our first minor obstacle which was to cross the partially frozen brook. The small frozen log didn't look too appealing so we went up stream just a little and found a spot to cross.
The section from the junction to the base of the slide was unpacked but easily followed as there was only a couple of inches of powdery snow.

The slide itself is quite steep with the climbing a mix of rock, snow, and ice. The snowy sections were our route of choice as it had a pretty firm surface that took to crampons well. The occasional deep hole next to rocks and spruce traps did little to slow us down and after an hour or so of climbing with some amazing views into the valley we reached the top of the slide.

Slide Pictures





From the junction of the Pine Bend Brook trail all the way to Middle Tripyramid the trail was well packed out and the views from middle were spectacular as the predicted fog and clouds weren't too much of a problem from where we were.

Chocorua from Middle Tripyramid


From Middle over to South and back out to Livermore the trail went back to a bare-booted powdery surface which until you got to the South Slide was a little tough to follow. The trip down the South Slide was good. There was a little more snow than the North Slide and the surface was perfect for crampons with very little hard ice. From the bottom of the slide out to Livermore was absolutely beautiful. The temps had risen into the low 20's and there was lite snow falling which made for a very serene experience. A few of the stream crossings hadn't completely re-frozen but all were easily crossed. The final major river crossing was frozen solid which we already knew as we checked it on the way in.

The trip back to the car was quick but very reminiscent of the final stretches of the Lincoln Woods trail as it seemed to go on forever. Sure by the time we had gotten back to RI we missed the first half of the Superbowl but it was all worth it.

02-08-2010, 06:40 PM
Nice! Looks like you made the right choice. Too bad about missing the 1st half of the game, but gotta keep the priorities straight. Second half was the best part anyway. :)

KD Talbot
02-08-2010, 07:53 PM
Nice TR and pics, Billy! Well worth missing the WHOLE game, if need be, but glad you got home in time to catch some of it!


02-09-2010, 06:45 AM
Nice job! That looks super fun too! I am putting that one on my list of things to do! :)