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Jimmy Legs and Little d
03-10-2010, 11:02 PM
Our intent was to hike North Moat via Red Ridge Trail. Yesterday we had scoped out the trail up to Diana?s Bath.
As we packed our gear into our Subaru on the parking lot of the Lodge at Jackson, Tom and Atticus came walking by taking their daily route around Jackson. Atticus greeted us as if he had just been reunited with an old friend. Tom suggested taking the Moat Mountain Trail to South Moat from Passaconaway Road. We were not aware that you could take that road to the trailhead in winter.

Thanks Tom for the tip.

We donned our snowshoes and started our journey at 10am continuing on a nicely packed trail with some bare spots. Once you cross the bridge the snow depth steadily increased.


We ran into a hiker with her two dogs, Callie and Gypsy.
Here's Callie posing for a photo.


She had to turn back after loosing the trail after the first viewpoint.


When we reached the point where she had turned around you could understand why as it was extremely difficult finding a blaze.


It became overcast and a light snow began to fall. We struggled to find more blazes. Right before the 2nd viewpoint we lost the trail again, it became very windy, snowing heavily now, so we turned around and headed back down. About 100 yards down the trail, we stopped to eat. We talked about how close we must be to the summit and decided to head back up the trail. The falling snow had decreased but the winds were steadily increasing and once we reached the summit you encountered the full force of the wind.


We were rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.



We were so glad we continued to the summit.


After 20 minutes for photos on the summit, we headed back at 3:00.

On the way down we saw this ice encrusted tree.


The return trip was sloppy going from postholes left from other hikers.

We returned to the trailhead by 5pm.


That evening in Tuckerman?s Tavern (at the New England Inn) we treated ourselves to Cranberry Shaker Pot Roast; mmmmmmm!:)

03-11-2010, 07:25 PM
You sure found a perfect way to save that day! Now I'm even more sorry that we cancelled this weekend. South Moat was one of our plans. Did you really have to torture me with the cranberry pot roast though? ;) Thanks for taking the time to put together the great set of TRs from your trip. Next best thing to being there.

Jimmy Legs and Little d
03-12-2010, 11:02 AM
Thanks, Mark
The Moats have been on our list for several years and it seemed like an opportune hike. Luck was on our side that we "made it" to the top.
Hope there is a window for a good weekend for you to get to the Whites this month. You absolutely will have to check out the New England Inn for dinner. We had to laugh when you indicated that we were torturing you about the pot roast.:D Vacation is officially over with the completion of our reports and our AMD has been cured for now. Next time we are planning a trip we'll be in touch.


03-12-2010, 08:08 PM
Glad to see that your AMD is now in check Donna. Ours is unfortunately still running rampant. The good news is that the long range forecast for next weekend looks great (not that I put much faith in this after the 180 degree switch for this weekend). At the moment it looks like our room from this weekend is still available for then so we'll keep our fingers crossed on all counts. A couple of dinners in N Conway (Moat and Flatbread) are definitely in the plan but there's no way that I'm going home without that Cranberry Pot Roast now!!! And yes, make sure you're in touch next trip up.