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03-22-2010, 12:31 PM
NOTE: I'm posting this on behalf of Windswept editor Marty Basch. Please send replies to him (contact info below). --Cara

Obs interns: Where are you now? We want to know

There's a keen interest from members and college students about the Observatory's internship program. A coveted summit slot has been a launching platform for many a young weather enthusiast into the meteorological world.

So, we'd like to run a story (maybe more) in an upcoming Windswept that answers the question "Where are they now?"

If you are a former summit intern, please consider filling out the following questions, and send along a couple of high-res photos ? one or two of you during your intern days and one or two of you now.

Dates of internship (please include season and years):
College attended, major and year graduated:
Present job title and place of employment:
Present city/town of residence:
How did the Observatory influence your career? Please keep this to about 200 words and have fun.

Please send your responses to me at windswept@mountwashington.org with those high-res photo attachments by April 15. (Note that I can only receive attachments up to about 9 MB in size.) Questions? Fire away.


04-01-2010, 06:41 PM
well maybe they dont check in on the forums