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05-05-2010, 01:16 AM
I'm planning a Presidential Traverse for 2.5 weeks from now and would like some opinions about the route and the conditions we are likely to face.

I'm leaning towards a South->North traverse with a short first day to Nauman, a long second day to The Perch, and picking up Adams and Madison before hiking out Valley Way.

I would like more even days, but there doesn't seem to be any good sites below treeline off of Crawford Path neither East nor West near Monroe (at least it doesn't look like that on the topo map). Am I missing something or should I go with the original route?

I've been following the reports on Views from the Top. I imagine a lot of snow will melt over the next few weeks, but I have no experience in the Whites. What sort of trail conditions can we expect? What gear should we bring? I would much rather end up carrying extra then realize that snowshoes and crampons are needed once we get up on the ridge.

Thanks! :D

KD Talbot
05-05-2010, 01:50 PM
In a nutshell, mud, blackflies, ice, snow, maybe several feet, maybe none, possible snowstorms or thunderstorms, difficult water crossings due to spring melt: For more info check here:


and here:


Keep an eye on the weather by checking in with MWO on a daily basis. The traverse is entirely weather dependent. There could be snow, or maybe not. Water crossings could be difficult with spring run off as well. Be prepared for blackflies. Your route seems good. There is no camping above treeline anywhere in the Whites, except on 2 feet of snowpack.


The last paragraph of the back country rules is particularly important to your planned trip.

Enjoy, and be sure to post a trip report with pictures to this forum when you're done!