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06-05-2010, 06:34 PM
On June 2nd, we hiked Mts Lafayette, Lincoln, and Little Haystack. ( I can't seem to find my actual written TR, I'll try to do this from memory)

We started in Bridal Path, and it was rather hot out. Besides a bit of a steep part, the hike to the Greenleaf hut was fairly easy, and lovely. I was happy I wasn't still sore from Washington.

We chilled at the Hut for a bit and enjoyed the lemonade. Then, onward!!!

Lafayette was beautiful! I admit, I was nervous, I had read somewhere this was a tricky mountain, and I was worried I'd be too tired. But I think starting on Bridal helped. We saw many groups out that day, the only grumbling was about the flies.

Did I mention the flies yet?? Evil (bleeeeeeeeeeeep bleeeeeeeeeep) they were. I swear I have about 50 bites, if not more. Hate 'em.

The trail to Lincoln was fun, we laughed at the few "false summit" bumps along the way....there were some rocks I wanted to play on, but the flies.....bleepin flies....

We saw more groups, heading in the opposite way we came. Again, high spirits, except for the flies.

The path to Little Haystack was.....a dirt path? Really?? Awww.....how cute! The view from Haystack was lovely. Flies. Then, the descent...oh, look....rocks! Nice. Wait....this is actually starting to tire me out....hmm....this is rather long, isn't it? That duo going up look very tired....cute dog though. We saw a nice older couple, heading same way we were...I hope I am that active when I am older.

So yeah, the way down on "Little" Haystack was brutal....but I think I will blame the heat, flies, and previous hikes. Love all three of these peaks.

5 summits in one week. 3 new ones. 2 more 48 4000'. Not a bad way to spend a vacation, and already thinking about our trip in October.

(having troubles posting pics, but this just means I need to get a flikr account)

06-06-2010, 09:18 AM
Wonderful report and update letting us know the flies are doing well.

06-06-2010, 12:16 PM
Another nice TR Mel. Looking forward to the photos. You could always go with Picasa or one of the other free sites if you don't want the cost (or restrictions) of Flickr.

Franconia Ridge is my favorite hike in the Whites (yes, even over Washington). We've done it the opposite direction every time though. Falling Waters is a tough trail going down (which I obviously don't have to tell you). Except for the flies sounds like a perfect day!

06-06-2010, 02:28 PM
Haha, ya, I was not expecting Falling Waters to be that hard. Enjoyable, and will hike it again :)

Is it October yet?