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Jimmy Legs and Little d
06-15-2010, 09:55 PM
After anxiously waiting for two days, because of heavy rains, a window of opportunity presented itself on Monday (6/7/10) for us to traverse Cadillac Mountain from south to north. Our original game plan was to hike with Keith (KBMMBM) on Saturday by spotting two vehicles and crossing Cadillac Mountain. However, with only one vehicle available, we decided to traverse Cadillac Mountain twice using the South Ridge Trailhead (at Route 3, near the Blackwoods campground) as our starting point; summiting Cadillac Mountain, descend via the North Ridge Trail then reversing the hike and thus ending back at our van.

The trail starts with well constructed granite steps on the north side of Route 3.

http://jimmylegs.smugmug.com/Other/Cadillac-Mountain-Traverse/Cadillac-Mountain-6710-1/901491913_djc8M-M-1.jpg (http://jimmylegs.smugmug.com/Other/Cadillac-Mountain-Traverse/12560939_mz5gk#901491913_djc8M-A-LB)

Evidence from the previous day?s rain resulted in a blending of trail and stream.

http://jimmylegs.smugmug.com/Other/Cadillac-Mountain-Traverse/Cadillac-Mountain-6710-2/901494006_TC6A6-M-1.jpg (http://jimmylegs.smugmug.com/Other/Cadillac-Mountain-Traverse/12560939_mz5gk#901494006_TC6A6-A-LB)

We reached Eagles Crag in 1.3 miles where there were views towards Champlain Mountain.

http://jimmylegs.smugmug.com/Other/Cadillac-Mountain-Traverse/Cadillac-Mountain-6710-4/901496566_UfoAs-M-1.jpg (http://jimmylegs.smugmug.com/Other/Cadillac-Mountain-Traverse/12560939_mz5gk#901496566_UfoAs-A-LB)

Out next milestone was reached in another 1.1 miles at the Featherbed where we enjoyed eating muffins purchased at Two Cats in Bar Harbor.

http://jimmylegs.smugmug.com/Other/Cadillac-Mountain-Traverse/Cadillac-Mountain-6710-27/901538913_NKjQp-M-1.jpg (http://jimmylegs.smugmug.com/Other/Cadillac-Mountain-Traverse/12560939_mz5gk#901538913_NKjQp-A-LB)

We reached the summit of Cadillac Mountain around noon and after a short stop proceeded through the crowded parking lot to the North Ridge trailhead and our descent to the Park Loop Road.

http://jimmylegs.smugmug.com/Other/Cadillac-Mountain-Traverse/Cadillac-Mountain-6710-15/901521177_gGemR-M-1.jpg (http://jimmylegs.smugmug.com/Other/Cadillac-Mountain-Traverse/12560939_mz5gk#901521177_gGemR-A-LB)

We reached the halfway point of our hike at 1:30 and after a short break turned around and began our ascent.

http://jimmylegs.smugmug.com/Other/Cadillac-Mountain-Traverse/Cadillac-Mountain-6710-18/901526120_xtWPf-M-1.jpg (http://jimmylegs.smugmug.com/Other/Cadillac-Mountain-Traverse/12560939_mz5gk#901526120_xtWPf-A-LB)

We once again reached the summit at 3:15 after a steady climb of 2.2 miles.
The scramble up the North Ridge Trail made us quite warm but the cool ocean breeze made the top of the mountain very pleasant.

http://jimmylegs.smugmug.com/Other/Cadillac-Mountain-Traverse/Cadillac-Mountain-6710-23/901532386_yc2Sg-M-1.jpg (http://jimmylegs.smugmug.com/Other/Cadillac-Mountain-Traverse/12560939_mz5gk#901532386_yc2Sg-A-LB)

After refueling ourselves we once again headed back via the South Ridge Trail and uneventfully completed our 11.5 mile hike at 5:30; then, headed to Bar Harbor for dinner at the West Street Caf? and afterwards dessert at Ben and Bills. :D

SLIDE SHOW: http://jimmylegs.smugmug.com/photos/swfpopup.mg?swfPop=true&noClickURL=true&url=http://jimmylegs.smugmug.com/Other/Cadillac-Mountain-Traverse/12560939_mz5gk#901538913_NKjQp

Mike and Donna

06-16-2010, 07:12 AM
Awesome hike Donna! While I generally don't like out-and-back hikes they are so different in Acadia. With the changing views on the trail and all the vistas beyond each direction is like a totally different hike. Of course you know how we feel about Acadia ;) Looking forward to what I'm sure will be a few more TRs. I'd express my extreme jealousy - particularly since it looks like we might not make it to Acadia at all this summer - if we weren't leaving for Yosemite this weekend. Trying to see if I can find somewhere to replace Acadia as my favorite hiking destination. Will let you know the verdict next week...

06-16-2010, 07:24 AM
Great report and wonderful pictures. Looks like you guys ended up having a great day for a hike.

Snow Miser
06-16-2010, 07:33 AM
Wonderful photos and TR Mike and Donna. Acadia is a great place! Thanks for taking us along. :)

06-17-2010, 07:40 AM
Great trail report and slides. Thanks for sharing. We plan on heading up to Acadia in July and will be looking into Cadillac Mountain now. Thanks!

Anna LeBlanc
06-17-2010, 12:53 PM
What a lucky guy going to Yosemite.You will love it!My favorite hike was to the top of Vernal Falls.If you haven't done it put it on your list.Be sure to bring a swimming suit so you can slide down the rock slabs into the pool at the top!
Donna and Mike,
Thank you for a wonderful TR and beautiful pictures as always.

Jimmy Legs and Little d
06-17-2010, 08:25 PM
Thanks so much for all your kind replies!

MARK: We knew you would enjoy this hike. Normally, we prefer circuit hikes; but this turned out to be a great deal of fun. Look forward to hearing all about your Yosemite Adventure. It's been a long time since we were there; actually back in 1989. Await a full report.

CHRIS: We really lucked out with the weather that day and the next day too.

BOB: You need to plan a trip to Acadia soon. Add it to that long To Do List.

KARL: Hope you have a great time and good weather on your trip. We'll be looking forward to your reports. And don't forget the "smaller" mountains on the island.

ANNA: Thanks for coming along again. When were you in Yosemite?
Also, how was your hike to Mt. Jackson?