View Full Version : Has anyone climbed Mt. Potash?

10-04-2010, 07:58 AM
Hi Everyone,

Looking for some info on Mt. Potash. I plan on bringing a first time hiker up this mount. It looked like a good candidate for a first timer. I'm helping him with gear and he was wondering if sneakers would be good enough for this trail. He doesn't want to run out and buy hiking shoes, if he doesn't end up liking it in the end. After looking at the trail description, it looks like there is one crossing over Downes Brook, which it says can be difficult. I'm guessing this is after decent rain fall, though. Has anyone hiked this trail before and can anyone give me an idea of what the brook crossing is like (typically) on this trail? I'm going to say he has to bring waterproof shoes if it is likely he will need to step in water. If he can easily rock hop, then I would think sneakers would be okay for his first trek up this mountain, especially if I give him a pole for balance.

Any input would be welcome and appreciated.


KD Talbot
10-04-2010, 02:35 PM
He'll be fine as long as you take it easy and remember he may go a little slower without the support of boots in certain conditions, in others he may be better than boots. It's a pretty straight forward hike. All water crossings are high right now due to the recent rains and there will be more this week. Fella drowned in a stream this past weekend. Check forecasts and here: