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10-13-2010, 06:10 PM
I'm no where close to completing my 48, but I was just curious what order everyone else did their 48 in or is doing theirs in? For those of you who have done them all, is there a particular mountain you would save for last? I've been considering saving Bondcliff for #48, but it might prove to be too tempting.
So far, my order is
1. Washington
2. Lafayette
3. Lincoln
4. Field
5. Tom
6. Cannon

N. and S. Kinsman are next on the list.

How about you?

10-13-2010, 08:27 PM
I'm not keeping count of the 48's...but if I were, this is my order:

1. Mt. Washington (back in 1998, before I was a hiker...I was definitely one of those unprepared people who could have easily died on the side of the mountain...not enough food, not enough water, no proper footwear, no coat, etc...but I digress)

2. Mt. Tecumseh

3. Mt. Moosilauke

4. Mt. Osceola

5. Mt. Jackson

6. Mt. Lincoln

7. Mt. Lafayette

8. Mt. Flume

9. Mt. Liberty

...but I'm not really keeping count...;) (only 39 more to go!)


10-13-2010, 10:17 PM
Our order so far has been somewhat unintentional. We'd been hiking in the Whites for a few years and hadn't done a 4k yet. When I turned 50 a few years ago I decided that I wanted my birthday celebration to be a hut-to-hut Presidential traverse. So that was the beginning. The list started as:

1. Madison
2. Monroe
3. Eisenhower
4. Peirce
5. Jackson

We actually skipped the summits on Adams, Jefferson and Washington on that trip. Enjoying the days was more important than peak bagging...

The next summer we did our first Seek the Peak and Washington became #6. The rest of that week we did another hut-to-hut from Franconia to Crawford Notch and got:

7. Lincoln
8. Lafayette
9. Garfield
10. South Twin
11. Zealand

We spent the night at Galehead hut the second night, but skipped the couple of tenths walk to the summit. It was just too nice sitting on the porch and watching the clouds to walk up to a viewless peak.

Last summer after STP #2 we planned a Pemi Loop backpack that would have gotten us several more. That got abbreviated (long story) and we wound up with Bondcliff on a perfect day as #12.

Last fall we got Moosilauke for #13

Without planning it ahead we got our first two winter 4Ks with Liberty and Waumbek last winter - #14 and 15

This year after STP #3 we took advantage of an extra day and did Moriah with friends - #16

In August we found two perfect days for day trips and wanted to maximize our hiking time on each so on the first one with did the Osceolas for #17 and 18 and on the next we did the Tripyramids for #19 and 20

This weekend on the final day of our trip we grabbed Hale for #21 which leads me to an interesting point - I'd actually lost count. My trip report posted earlier tonight said that Hale was 22. Somehow when we did Moriah I had counted that as 17 and it was actually 16 and my count has been off by one ever since. I'm actually glad that we're at 21 and not 22 because it means that we get to visit one more mountain before we finish.

So to answer your original question... we don't really have an order and from one day (or one year) to the next aren't even sure we're doing the list. I know that we'll do them all some day because we always find something great when we visit a new peak. That "great something" is never the fact that we get to add a checkmark to our list. Not sure which one is next or the one after that. Looking forward to it though!

10-13-2010, 10:28 PM
Presi's were the easiest since I grew up in Jefferson, as I got older I drifted into the peaks in Franconia and the Pemi, then towards Pinkham. After that it was a general melee until I was done.

10-14-2010, 08:07 AM
I found it easiest to plan my trips around my time and conditions. I ended with Isolation (like most completers do) because it was the most remote/insaccesible for me. I also got enough of lists so now I am going out of my way to avoid working on any lists!!! Your finish depends on the type of hiker you are...I soloed all 48 except 1 and finished alone with a "OK now I'm done with that stupid list", but some people like to have people meet them at the top and celebrate. If you are the celebrating type then Moosilauke is good because it is a relatively easy hike from the south side (so family can come see you). Isolation can also be good because the views are great and there is a nice rocky top to hang out and celebrate.

Bondcliff is a good choice (I love the remoteness), but it may be tough to leave to last unless you save it for the end of a trip over West Bond and Bond. For me it was too easy to drop my pack on Bond and run down to Bondlcliff on a trip down the AT (which I was doing from Garfield to Madison).

It looks like you are doing 1 at a time. I did mutliples (15 in one trip) and usually covered at least 2 at a time (even Isolation was done after completing Owls Head and driving over from Lincoln Woods). An overnight to hit several peaks is a nice way to experience the mountains too (sunrise, sunset and the Milky Way make some of my most memorable hikes).

Enjoy your list.

10-14-2010, 08:59 AM
I was like a lot of people who went hiking for years with no intentions of doing any lists but just found myself doing something different every time I went. 15 years later I realized that I was 75% through the list and made the decision to finish off what I had left. For me Isolation was last but not because of any plan but because of what and when my friends were available to go. For the Winter 48 Isolation is already out of the way and for me if the rest of the list ever gets done it won't be in any specific order. Mother nature will probably make that choice for me. There are already a couple of peaks that I should have but don't because the conditions warranted us turning around.

10-14-2010, 09:00 AM
1) Washington
2) Tom
3) Field ( got Tom and Field same day)
4) Lafayette
5) Lincoln ( got Lafayette and Lincoln same day...and I still think Little Haystack should count...)
6) Hale
7) Willey
8) Jackson (ow)

10-14-2010, 11:30 AM
I started the list by accident. Had hiked smaller mountains and my hiker friend wanted to do Jefferson and I didn't know any better. It took 3 tries to summit. Jefferson was#1. Just after that, my boyfriends uncle decided to get back into hiking and started the list, so I'd tag along. Started small with Hale and Tecumseh. Once I decided to do the list, it was generally based on the weather, the season, the distance, and the remote-ness. Some I'd just pick cause I liked the name. Some I picked based on recent injuries and physical condition. I'm almost halfway done, and Uncle Rick is close to finished, so now it's based on what he has left so we can go together, and what my other friend's list is, since she doesn't plan on doing them all and just has a list of ones she's willing to do. I also want to make sure that I'm not left with all the viewless ones at the end, or all the really long slogs.

With that said, I have set the goal of finishing on my 40th birthday on Mt Adams. If I started with a presidential, I might as well end with one. The Presidential Range is my favorite place to be in the world, and I can't imagine ending this quest anywhere else. This will be very difficult, as Uncle Rick is finishing with a round of Adams and Madison with a hut stay, and I'm tagging along to do Madison. It'll be difficult to NOT tag Adams while I'm there, in the hut, not far away! The other glaring issue with my plan is that my birthday is Sept 21st, which could pose all kinds of issues with weather etc, but it just seems fitting to finish it then, which gives me 12 a year for the next 2 years to finish.

10-26-2010, 09:13 AM
1 mt tecumseh april 2010

2 mt moosilauke

3. north hancock

4. south hancock

5. mt lincoln

6. mt layfayette

7. mt isolation

8. mt tom

9. mt field

10.mt willey

11 . oceola

12. east oceola

13 mt waumbek

14. mt washington*

15. mt hale

I started out with what was said to be the easiest then I went for views on the days it was nice and wooded peaks i.e the hancocks and waumbek on rainy cloudy days but I have know established a plan to do all of the peaks not part of the AT and then section hike the AT. I have planned to do carrigan last because its location is pretty much dead center in the whites and I can see most of the other 48 from there