View Full Version : some Florida huricane Igor wave pictures

10-14-2010, 10:12 PM
So here are a few pictures from hurricane Igor waves down here in FL. I like to sit on the beach for a little while at Dawn before I go surfing, just a good way to start the day I guess? Was some really enjoyable surfing this day in the 10-15' range but a little onshore wind so that chopped it up a bit

This was pre dawn when it was glassy and quiet


then a few minutes later the sun came up and so did the power of the ocean/swell


here is one of the many sets coming in, about 15' on the face


and here's a lifeguard going for a swim


what a job: he showed up, talked to his lifeguard buddy, went for a swim, swam all the way out through 10'+ waves to the outside, did a little backstroke out there, then rode his red buoy in like bodysurfing, took his post in the chair, and took a nap untill a pretty girl walked up asking him some question