View Full Version : Presidential Traverse in early-mid May.

03-01-2011, 07:39 AM
My friends and I are planning a backpacking trip to the white mountains to hike the presidential range in early-mid May. I am from Pennsylvania and we would like to hike the trail over a four day weekend (two days for travel, two days for hiking). I was reading the White Mountain Guide book and was a bit discouraged that the huts are closed in the spring, and that there are very few campsites close to the trail.

The plan for day 1 was to begin at the trailhead off Rt. 2, hike in Valley Way to Gulfside to Mt. Washington and find a place to camp after we summit Washington. The only camping close to Washington is Hermit Lake Shelters. On day 2 we would take Crawford to the AMC Highland Center on Rt. 302.

Some of my questions:

Is Hermit Lake Shelters our best option or am I missing something? Along with that, if we hike down to Hermit Lake Shelters, what is the best route for early-mid May? The guide book made it seem like Tuckerman's can be pretty treacherous in the Spring and down climbing Huntington's should be avoided. What is our best option?

Are there shuttle services available at the AMC Highland Center if we only have one car?

This question is probably impossible to answer, but what is the snow situation in May? Will we need snowshoes? I think I am the only one out of our group who has snowshoed. Although, the rest are outdoor enthusiasts and acquire skills very quickly.

Thanks a lot for your advice!