View Full Version : TR & trail conditons Mt. Adams Thursday

04-11-2011, 09:10 PM
left the app trailhead at 7ish yeah OK lazy late start right, but I downed a redbull and poped a gel to make up for it ( and of course I did drive up that day from the hotel in Boston)

Airline was well traveled and packed... at the junction I wanted to take the shortline into King's and climb up the headwall but was a little concerned as the temperatures were warm and I was solo!

Upon reaching the junction of airline & Chem I defintley regretted not going up the Ravine as it looked very stable from above.... oh well still a good day to enjoy... take a little rest have another gel and hydrate ;)

Continued up past the rocks then set a line through the snowfield to the NE side of the summit... found a beautiful ice covered little leave just below the false summit so I say there and eat my trader joes turkey wrap... very little wind 25-30 mph ish

Headed back down airline, watched a helicopter land close to Madsion Hut not sure if supplies or rescue??? Getting back below treeline was a little bit of a pin as the trees were really grown over the trail so I constantly had to push brances out of the way....

Once below treeline took of the crampons and started the jog - glisslide back down to the car

Eating tomatoes and mozzarella in the car by early afternoon

All in all a great day in the mountains with near perfect weather

Gear used: Crampons and ice tool above treeline, I would have been OK with ice axe instead or maybe even just poles but I prefer to play it safe especially being solo

Snowshoes were not needed, but with the warming temps that'll probably be different