View Full Version : Who was DC?

05-11-2011, 09:00 AM
I've been meaning to ask since I found these last year. I wondered if anyone here knew this person and maybe how many of these stones there are. The first stone I found for this person was in the summit cairn on South Kinsman. But later in the summer I also came across one near the summit of Mt. Monadnock as well.

South Kinsman

http://sdways01.smugmug.com/48NH4Ks/North-South-Kinsman/NSKinsman8072/875415957_QWa8Y-M.jpg (http://sdways01.smugmug.com/48NH4Ks/North-South-Kinsman/12271040_FRhab#875415957_QWa8Y)

Mt. Monadnock

http://sdways01.smugmug.com/Mt-Monadnock/2010/07-07-2010-Climb/Monadnock9810/927713770_BhCSj-M.jpg (http://sdways01.smugmug.com/Mt-Monadnock/2010/07-07-2010-Climb/12854203_TwTrL#927713770_BhCSj)